Crossing borders for wildlife in America’s Crossroads

The focal landscape for this region is the Shawnee Hills, Illinois/Kaskaskia and the Missouri/Iowa Oaks areas.

The NWTF contributed $134,763 to a project totaling $1.196 million. In Illinois, 11, 728 acres saw thinning of stands of trees and control of invasive tree species. Likewise in Missouri, 9,485 acres were included in the project. These areas also saw controlled burning which was used to restore and maintain open grassy areas while increasing light down to the forest floor which will help native vegetation flourish. Eastern turkeys will thrive in this open woodland and savannahs with this healthy plant life.

Partners on this project included: Shawnee Resource Conservation and Development Program, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Central Hardwoods Joint Venture, Shawnee National Forest, Illinois Recreational Access Program, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Okaw Valley Agricultural Department, Okaw Valley Future Farmers of America, Missouri Bird Conservation Initiative, Missouri U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Partners for Wildlife Program, Missouri Department of Conservation, and the Mark Twain National Forest.

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