DIY: European Mounts are Cheap and Easy

Create a European skull mount to hang on your wall to remind you of your time afield. You can create and preserve your lifelong memory one of two ways.

Boil it Clean

  • Find a location outside or in the garage for the project (the smell can be overwhelming indoors)
  • Use a propane stove or hot plate with an old canning pot
  • Fill with water and a touch of dish detergent as a degreasing agent
  • Remove as much excess meat and brains as possible
  • Wrap the submerged antler with clear plastic wrap or aluminum foil secured with packing or duct tape
  • Simmer, don’t boil, the water to remove meat pieces for several hours or all day
  • If water gets goopy, dump and refresh the bath water and repeat until the bone is clean


Professional Power Wash

  • Find a power washer rated for 3,000psi
  • A rotating nozzle works best for cleaning
  • Wear old raingear, rubber boots, latex gloves and goggles to protect yourself from splash-back
  • Secure the skull by wiring it to a board or fence
  • Start your power wash at a reasonable distance to test the pressure effect
  • Decayed skulls may require boiling after power washing

Once your skull is clean and dry, you can hang it on your wall as is or take a few extra minutes to whiten it.

  • Purchase a white skull kit through taxidermy outlets or buy the hair salon product referred to as “basic white” and mix with 40 percent dilution of hydrogen peroxide
  • Paint the paste on a warm, moist skull. For best results, wrap the skull in foil or clear plastic wrap and let it sit for a few days or so.
  • Brush away the flaky residue for a snow-white trophy

*If you can’t boil or power wash your skull immediately, freeze it or wrap it and store it in a cool area. Fresh, moist skulls work the best.

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