The Evolution of Turkey Hunting

Anyone who has ever yelped or cut on a slate call during the spring is probably familiar with Knight and Hale. In 1971, these two die-hard hunters and innovative call makers transformed a small part-time business into one of the most successful companies in the outdoor industry. They were one of the first call manufacturers to begin filming action-packed turkey hunts to educate hunters and promote their hunting products. As a result, Knight and Hale have accumulated more than 100 years of combined turkey hunting experience in the field.

Both Kentucky natives joined together as business partners and lifelong friends when they were younger. Below, Knight and Hale explain the difference between turkey hunting then and turkey hunting now.


  • Only isolated pockets of turkeys existed across our nation until state wildlife agencies began the stocking programs
  • With less birds came more concentrated hunting pressure which caused birds to hush up
  • It was difficult to find information about wild turkeys without outdoor television and the Internet
  • In order to learn the in’s-and-out’s of hunting you had to spend time out in the woods or with old timers


  • Advancements in gear such as calls, decoys, shotguns, extended range shells, rangefinders, bows, clothing and boots are all state-of-the-art
  • More turkeys make for better hunting opportunities and have led to more aggressive hunting strategies
  • Almost everyone has access to hunting on private and public land not far from their home
  • Hunters are spoiled and usually expect to get on multiple gobblers every hunt

It’s obvious there is a daylight and dark difference between the way people used to hunt 20 or so years ago. 

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