Must-have Food Plot Equipment

You need several basic pieces of equipment to plant and maintain large food plots. You’ll need a tractor or ATV, of course, but you’ll also need a handful of implements to turn dirt, control weeds and spread seed and fertilizer. Consider investing in one, or all, of the equipment below to make managing food plots a breeze.

Use a disk harrow, or disk to:

break through surface vegetation and expose dirt for good seed-to-soil contact

bury larger seeds like beans, corn and even wheat if soil conditions are right

stimulate new, beneficial growth in fallow fields while creating open ground for quail and other ground-nesting birds

Use a sprayer to:

administer herbicides to control the toughest and most persistent weeds which can prolong the life of any perennial food plot

help kill large areas of non-native plants or weeds

help keep prescribed burns under control if filled with water

Use a mower to:

easily cut fields or trails in a timely fashion

clear thick vegetation prior to establishing new plots

help control weeds in perennial food plots

mow clover plots in the spring to stimulate growth and prolong the life of clover

Use a tow-behind spreader to:

replace hand-help or over-the-shoulder spreaders

quickly seed or fertilize entire food plots

Use an all-in-one piece to:

complete multiple tasks with one piece of equipment in a short amout of time

Cabela’s box seeders allow you to disk, seed and pack the soil in a single pass

Top-quality models start at about $6,500 and larger models with more accessories can cost upwards of $10,000. It may seem expensive, but if you take your food plots and land management projects 

seriously, it’s money well spent.

Yamaha's 2016 Grizzly and Kodiak ATVs

The new 2016 Grizzly 4x4 (top photo) and Kodiak 4x4 (bottom photo) are prime examples of what land managers can use to accomplish these tasks. For most, tractors are too expensive and out of the question. ATVs are another story.

“The 2016 Grizzly has great new styling, handles like a recreational machine with extreme off-road capability and durability, and features the most torque and power of any Yamaha 4x4 ATV ever,” said Mike Martinez, Yamaha’s Recreational Vehicle (RV) group vice president. “Yamaha is setting a new standard of performance and durability for recreational riders with this tough, comfortable and off-road capable new Grizzly. The Kodiak 700s have the power and performance of a big bore ATV packed into a compact chassis, with a price range more closely compared to 450- or 550-cc class machines. These are a working man’s ATVs with power, comfort, durability and value.”

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