Forest management in the Pocono Mountains

Colonial Forests

Focal Landscape: Pocono Mountains

Location: Blooming Grove, Pennsylvania; public land includes State Game Lands 180 and Delaware State Forest

Cost estimate of completed project: $416,963; NWTF contribution: $20,000

Overview: Project focuses on development and implementation of a comprehensive forest management strategy for two dynamic forest restoration blocks in the Pocono Mountains. The project will result in improved management of 2,500 acres of Delaware State Forest and 12,471 acres of state game lands.

Description of work:

  • Treat competing woody vegetation, such as ferns or invasive species in the forest understory, with herbicide                                                 
  • Use prescribed fire as needed to stimulate oak regeneration and control competing vegetation
  • Conduct commercial and noncommercial timber harvests to create a diversity of age and structural conditions across the landscape

Species targeted: golden-winged warbler, cerulean warbler and wood thrush

Partners: Pennsylvania Game Commission; Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources; American Bird Conservancy; Indiana University of Pennsylvania

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