Forest Restoration Efforts in NWTF’s Rocky Mountain Focal Landscape

The NWTF collaborated with the Upper South Platte Partnership – including Denver Water – USDA Forest Service, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, The Nature Conservancy, Colorado State Forest Service and others to facilitate forest restoration efforts in NWTF’s Rocky Mountain Focal Landscape; this partnership is known as the Rocky Mountain Restoration Initiative. 

The Rocky Mountain Restoration Initiative is a new way of doing forest restoration in the West, geared to reducing fire impacts and protecting watershed health. Colorado is the headwaters of four major watersheds that provide water to 18 downstream states. Important, yet nontraditional partners, such as Denver Water (which provides water to 1.5 million people), are participating, providing funding, expertise, influence and staff work.

The initiative is incorporating “From Forest to Faucets,” a watershed management partnership between Denver Water and the Rocky Mountain Region of the Forest Service; creating healthier forests and watersheds for Denver Water to collect water from rainfall and snowmelt on federal and nonfederal land; capitalizing on the mutual benefits of proactive forest management benefitting elk, deer, wild turkey and many nongame species; contributing to the Upper South Platte Partnership, whose mission is to protect communities, improve forest conditions and wildfire response, and protect watershed infrastructure including reservoirs for municipal and recreational use and critical habitat for wildlife; and leveraging expertise, resources and reach of government agencies, water providers, nonprofit organizations and fire protection districts for the USPP to work toward building healthy and resilient landscapes.

For more information on NWTF’s involvement with RMRI, contact Matt Lindler (803-637-3106, or visit:

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