Front Yard Food Plot

Want to plant something that is beneficial for wildlife and looks good?

Clover provides quality browse for deer, and also provides excellent brooding areas for wild turkeys because they attract insects. Not to mention, clover is easy on the eyes which means it would be an attractive addition to your yard.

The NWTF Triple Threat clover mix including a blend of Crimson clover, Patriot clover and Durana clover, tends to be moderately shade tolerant and can grow in low sunlight areas. Therefore, it can thrive in a slightly shaded lawn.

It’s easy to maintain a good clover stand for a few years because it is considered a perennial plant, which means it will continue to grow for several years. Take proper care of your soil and mow the plot a few times a year and you’ll be good to go.

Most clovers grow well with some type of support crop. Orchard grass is a good choice. Using one to two pounds of orchard grass to 12 pounds of clover will greatly improve your stand.

Another strategy to establish clover is to over-seed the clover with wheat in the fall. The wheat greens up quickly and deer will invade the field. Deer will generally eat just the wheat and not browse heavily on the young clover — giving them a good start.

Our 12-pound bag of Triple Threat Clover Mix can be planted early fall or early spring depending on location and is enough to cover one acre. Get your clover today and make your front (or back) yard a wildlife paradise. Purchase it here.

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