Great work, great partnerships in the Great Open Spaces

The focal landscape for this region is the Cross Timbers (Oklahoma), Central Red River (Oklahoma/Texas) and the Central Blackland Praire (Texas) areas.

Without a drove of partners, the project would not have been successful. The NWTF contributed $72,500 and partner agencies committed the remaining of the $2.925 million project. A five-year plan was put into place for the grassland and oak woodland savannah restoration that would benefit declining guilds of grassland bird species, notably the Northern bobwhite quail. The improvements will also help white-tailed deer and Rio Grande wild turkeys. On this project, the removal of invasive Eastern red cedar was accomplished through mechanical means and herbicides. An aggressive use of prescribed burning and livestock grazing helped to begin the removal of an invasive woody species.

Partners on this project included: Oaks & Prairies Joint Venture, the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service in Texas and Oklahoma, the Quail Coalition, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, the Texas A&M Forest Service, the Oklahoma Forestry Services, the Audubon Society, the Native Prairies Association of Texas, Pheasants Forever, Inc./Quail Forever, The Nature Conservancy, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Noble Research Institute and the Texas Wildlife Association.

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