Habitat Enhancement on Nebraska’s Chadron State Park

The NWTF, Nebraska Environmental Trust, Nebraska Forest Service, Nebraska Game and Park Commission and the Boy Scouts of America partnered to enhance habitat in the Chadron State Park in Chadron, Nebraska, part of NWTF’s Black Hills/Pine Ridge Focal Landscape.

NWTF’s cooperative forester in Nebraska coordinated two forest management projects in the state park, including the removal of dead and dying trees that were a result of a recent massive wildfire and protection of “green islands” of trees not killed by wildfire. The Longs Peak Council of the Boy Scouts of America followed the forest management projects and planted new ponderosa pine trees, accelerating reforestation of the state park.

The project enhances habitat for many game and nongame species, including the Merriam’s wild turkey, white-tailed deer, mule deer, and song birds.

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