Habitat Priorities

The NWTF is constantly improving acres of wild turkey habitat all over the United States, but an estimated 6,000 acres of wildlife habitat is lost every day to development and other activities.  If we don't protect and impove the most critical habitats, we will quickly lose them. 

Improve the quality of the wild turkey habitat in your area by creating suitable brood and nesting habitat and producing a well-managed forest.

Make your woodland better for wild turkeys by:

  • Thinning pine stands 
  • Applying selective herbicides to control underbrush
  • Putting a prescribed burn into action
  • Establishing tree and shurb seedlings

Habitat management is the most vital component to reducing impacts from predators. Nest predation has the greatest impact on wild turkey reproduction and populations. If you have a large expansive area of high-quality nesting cover, the odds of a predator finding the nest are lower. Habitat restoration is more effective than predator control. 

Not to mention, low-quality habitat usually has a low carrying capacity — the number of animals the habitat can sustain. If you increase the carrying capactity for wild turkeys on your land, the higher the odds of harvesting one come season. 

Improving wild turkey habitat and protecting critical areas from degradation and development are the keys to our future. 

The NWTF fights to protect, create and improve habitat for wildlife and it takes a tremendous amount of money and effort to improve the landscape. Join us in our cause and become part of the most respected and credible habitat organization in North America. Together, we can make a difference in habitat conservation. Together, we can Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt. 

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