Create Healthier Conifer Forests

Understanding what it is: Early successional habitat is the type of habitat described as ground cover, young trees and shrubs that have been created and/or maintained by “disturbances.” These disturbances can be caused by man (fire, herbicide, mechanical) or by nature (fire or flood).

Because open sites with grasses, shrubs and young trees are disappearing in the West, help bring back this favored wildlife habitat by disturbing conifer forests on your land.

Disturb your own conifer forest

  • What to do: Reduce competition for sunlight and water by removing non-commercial conifers under 9 inches in diameter from identified hardwood, shrub and meadow sites in stream-side corridors
  • How it helps: Doing so will increase production of hardwood, shrub and herbaceous cover which directly benefits wild turkey, deer, elk, bighorn sheep, beaver, other small mammals, ruffed grouse, songbirds, snakes and frogs.
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