A 2,180-mile Hike for Conservation

Please view the July 7, 2016 update at the bottom of the page. 

Longtime NWTF Houston member Brandon Jacob has a deep passion for wildlife and conservation. This deep-rooted passion stirred up an idea in Jacob’s soul to help raise funds for the Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt. initiative’s conservation efforts, and at the same time complete a goal that’s been on his bucket list for many years.

With the promotional help of the NWTF Texas state board of directors and NWTF Texas Regional Director Mike Shouse, Jacob will attempt to complete a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. The Appalachian Trail crosses 2,180 miles of terrain from Georgia to Maine and traverses some of the most rugged mountains in the eastern United States. He has wanted to complete this thru-hike since he was in his late 20s but always considered it as something to do in retirement. 

“I looked at the physical challenges of walking 2,180 miles, and I felt I better do it while I still have the ability to endure the hardships,” said Jacob, who turns 50 in late 2016. “When I started planning in early 2015, I thought about how I could make this journey bigger than me. That’s when I thought about the NWTF.” 

Jacob hunts and owns land in Polk County, Texas, and like many NWTF members, looks forward to regularly hearing the thunder of the Eastern wild turkey in East Texas.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has agreed to match every dollar Jacob raises by a 4-to-1 ratio. So, if  Jacob achieves his $50,000 personal goal, the TPWD will contribute $200,000 toward Eastern wild turkey restoration efforts within the America’s Southern Piney Woods focal area in East Texas. 

As of late December 2015, he has raised more than $7,500.

Jacob’s thru-hike is scheduled to take six months, starting in early April. He said he planned it this way, so he could get in one spring turkey hunt before he heads to Georgia. 

If everything goes to plan, he should reach the summit of Maine’s Mount Katahdin in late September.

Follow Brandon Jacob’s progress on his Appalachian Trail quest by visiting his blog at trailjournals.com/jakethefake

For more information or questions, contact Butch Faulkner, NWTF director of development, at bfaulkner@nwtf.net or call (321) 292-0177.

To support Jacob’s fundraising efforts, you can donate online here or mail donations to:

National Wild Turkey Federation
Development Department
Attn: Hike for Conservation
770 Augusta Road 
Edgefield, SC 29824

July 7, 2016 Update

Brandon has just reached the half-way point in his Hike for Conservation! He is very pleased with his progress and is on track to complete this journey in September. Brandon's goal is to raise $50,000 to help raise funds for Easter Wild Turkey restoration projects within the America’s Southern Piney Woods focal landscape in East Texas. All donations will be matched on a 4-1 dollar ratio from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Donate through our secure website by clicking on the link above. Thank you and go Brandon! 

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