Hunters, Shooters Plan to Keep on Spending

The economy may fluctuate, but companies that make and sell shooting and hunting products have enjoyed a steady stream of business, and things don’t look like they’re slowing down.

A recent poll by found that:

  • The majority of shooters and hunters expect to spend as much on shooting and hunting equipment as they did last year
  • 52 percent of those polled reported they plan to spend at least the same amount as last year
  • 20 percent anticipated spending slightly more than last year
  • 10 percent expect to spend significantly more money than last year
  • Between 20 to 38 percent of active participants expressed an interest in buying new shotguns, rifles or handguns

It seems recreational shooters and hunters are passionate about their sports and regardless of economic times, most sportsmen will continue to set aside dollars to purchase the gear they need to keep hunting and shooting.

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