Improving brooding habitat on Knoxville Wildlife Area

America’s Big Six Focal Region: Western Wildlands

Focal Landscape: North Coast Range

Location: Lake Berryessa, Napa County, California; Knoxville Wildlife Area, owned by California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Cost estimate of completed project: $65,000; NWTF contribution: $48,000

Overview: In 2016, the NWTF partnered with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the California Deer Association to help restore a 60-acre grassland on Knoxville Wildlife Area to native grasses and wildflowers. This restored grassland provides increased nesting and brooding cover for Rio Grande wild turkeys and increased foraging through better insect production. Another component of this project had the NWTF install two 1,000-gallon upland game bird guzzlers in drier portions of the wildlife area. The work wrapped up in May 2018.

Description of work:

  • Native grass and wildflower seed purchase and planting
  • Purchase and install upland game bird guzzlers                                                

Species targeted: Rio Grande wild turkeys, California quail, mourning dove and black-tailed deer

Partners: California Department of Fish and Wildlife, California Deer Association

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