Improving forest health in the Daniel Boone National Forest

Focal Region: Mid-South Rebirth

Focal Landscape: Cumberland Plateau

Location: Whitley City, Kentucky; Daniel Boone National Forest (Stearns, London and Redbird Districts)

Cost estimate of completed project: $617,090; NWTF contribution: $169,140

Overview: Prescribed fire, timber stand improvement and mechanical removal of invasive species around openings was integrated across the Stearns District of the Daniel Boone National Forest. Activities improved forest health while reducing fuel loads in 2018.

Description of work:                                               

  • Prescribed fire (11,079 acres)
  • Timber stand improvement (267 acres)
  • Mechanical removal of nonnative species such as autumn olive around 36 wildlife openings (181 acres)

Species targeted: wild turkey, elk and ruffed grouse

Partners: National Fish and Wildlife Foundation; USDA Forest Service, Daniel Boone National Forest; Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources; Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation; Kentucky NWTF State Chapter

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