Improving Nesting in NWTF’s Tennessee River Focal Landscape

The Land Between the Lakes is a geographically unique area owned by the USDA Forest Service, bordering Tennessee and Kentucky and is part of NWTF’s Tennessee River Focal Landscape.

The NWTF contributed $34,000 in conjunction with Forest Service funds to manage approximately 1,000 acres to improve nesting, foraging and brood-rearing habitat for wild turkeys. Through a $15,000 grant from Bass Pro Shops Conservation Fund, modifications are allowed to take on additional projects that will augment the scope of the original project. 

The project included the seeding of clover and winter wheat fields to provide brood cover adjacent to croplands, benefitting wild turkeys, deer, various reptiles and songbirds.

Additional projects included applying lime in areas that will have future field renovation and installing annual grain food plots.

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