Increasing Access in NWTF’s Loess Hills Focal Landscape

The NWTF and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service leveraged funds to assist the Iowa Department of Natural Resources’ purchase of a 174-acre property near Castana, Iowa, part of the NWTF’s Loess Hills Focal Landscape.

The property was sought after for its remnant prairie grass and forb landscape, providing great habitat for many game species, including wild turkeys, pheasants and white-tailed deer. In addition, the property is home to many special-status flora and fauna, including Pawnee skipper, great plains lady’s tresses, narrow-leaved milkweed and prairie moonwort.

A top priority for natural resource management in Iowa is keeping prairie and forested areas from development and opened for public hunting access.

“Great things are happening for wildlife habitat in NWTF’s Loess Hills Focal Landscape,” said NWTF District Biologist Matt Weegman. “This recent land acquisition is the second acquisition by the IA DNR for a total acreage of 409 acres between both acquisitions, and just about 20 miles to the south of the acquisition, the NWTF contributed to a tree restoration project in at Loess Hills WMA.”

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