JAKES developing pollinator habitat

America’s Big Six Focal Region: Mid-South Rebirth

Focal Landscape: Project not immediately within a Focal Landscape

Location: Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources property near Georgetown; Veterans Memorial Wildlife Management Area (Scott County)

Cost estimate of completed project: $5,000; NWTF contribution: Grant funding

Overview: The NWTF Double Eagle chapter secured a Bayer Feed a Bee Grant to develop five acres of pollinator habitat and stage an educational JAKES field day. The field day helped educate youth and families on the importance of pollinators, honeybees and wildlife dependent on this type of habitat. Children received seed packets at the event.

Description of work:

  • Old field site converted to diverse mixture of quality pollinating flowers
  • Signs placed to highlight work

Species targeted: Butterflies, bees and wild turkeys

Partners: Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources

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