NWTF 46th Annual Convention and Sport Show Friday Rendezvous

NWTF’s second session of its Rendezvous painted a bright picture for the organization’s future as it marches towards its 50-year anniversary.  

“The NWTF brand is its mission and its people,” was at the heart of the presentation. 

The audience received information on the process of NWTF’s brand evolution and how it is integrally linked to the organization’s mission to conserve wild turkeys and preserve hunting heritage. 

The overall goal of the NWTF’s brand evolution is to optimize all the potential the organization has to deliver its mission, and that is exactly what the NWTF is doing. 

One such endevour is the Help the Yelp Project, a laser-focused campaign to directly deliver conservation where wild turkeys need it the most, through research, habitat enhancement and numerable other conservation delivery methods. If you’re a turkey hunter, this is your call to action. Simply text “yelp” to 44321 or visit your.nwtf.org/helptheyelp to give back to the resource. 

Preserving America’s hunting heritage is another crucial aspect of the NWTF’s mission that was discussed at the Rendezvous. America’s wildlife values are changing and the way people view hunting is also changing. To ensure the future of hunting, we as an industry need to reframe how we present hunting to the non-hunting public. The NWTF is a leading partner in a future industry-wide campaign that will be aimed at addressing the shifting perceptions.

As the NWTF marches towards its 50th anniversary in 2023, there is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the conservation organization to amplify its mission. Chief Fundraising Officer Matt Fenoff and NWTF National Board of Directors Vice President Brian Perry came to the stage to rally the audience around this semicentennial event. 

“This is an opportunity to raise funds for our mission to levels never before seen,” Fenoff said. 

Perry announced multiple committees comprised of NWTF volunteers and staff that will work regionally to bolster this generational opportunity. 

NWTF’s major donor — a dedicated group of NWTF supporters vital to the mission — were also recognized for their commitment at the Rendezvous session. 

Additionally, a monumental gift was presented to the NWTF which will be officially announced in the near future .  

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