NWTF helping to provide technical assistance to landowners

The NWTF recently partnered with Woodscamp Technologies Inc. to seek out and provide free technical assistance to interested landowners in northern Alabama, part of the NWTF’s Tennessee River and Oconee-Piedmont Focal Landscape.

Woodscamp is an internet tool that helps private woodland owners connect with programs, services and professionals, in this case NWTF biologists, to help them manage their land. By leveraging the best available mapping data, WoodsCamp creates a free personalized report highlighting opportunities tailored to a landowner’s goals.

NWTF biologists are able to provide technical assistance and get landowners signed up for cost-share opportunities to enhance habitat for wildlife, all through an online portal set up to connect landowners to professionals. Woodscamp connects the NWTF with potential landowners, and through the Woodscamp platform, NWTF biologists are able to reach out to these landowners and discuss their potential needs and goals for their properties.

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