NWTF helps improve turkey habitat in I.D. Fairchild State Forest

The I.D. Fairchild State Forest consists of many different types of forest stand types, from young pine areas to centuryold shortleaf pines. Located just 2 miles east of the Neches River in Cherokee County, Texas, the I.D. Fairchild State Forest contains nearly 1,970 acres.

The NWTF, along with the Texas A&M Forest Service, conducted two separate projects within the state forest to improve turkey habitats.

The first project set out to improve wild turkey habitats on a 126-acre tract. This included foraging, roosting and nesting sites. A mulching machine was used to eliminate heavy hardwood, shrubs, brush and invasive species in those habitat areas, as well as herbicide applications. Prescribed fire will be reintroduced to the areas as well.

The second project included the same types of work on a smaller 82-acre area within the state forest.

These projects were made possible by the donation of NWTF Super Fund monies by the Texas State Chapter.

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