Osceola National Forest Improvements

Nearly 200,000-acres of original Florida terrain are comprised of flat-wood forests, low-lying pine ridges, cypress swamps and hardwood bottoms.

The Osceola National Forest is truly a treasure and remarkable gift from nature, but it still requires monitoring and intense management to maintain a healthy and balanced ecosystem.

The NWTF and United States Forest Service have teamed to tackle a variety of habitat enhancement projects that include:

  • Strategic timber thinning
  • Controlled burning
  • Mulching
  • Roller chopping
  • Harvesting

All of the work is strategically geared toward improving and creating additional wildlife habitat, specifically for wild turkeys.

These projects are funded directly through the Regional Stewardship Agreement between the NWTF and USFS. As part of the agreement, timber harvest receipts help pay for the work. All of the money generated from area’s two timber sales goes directly back into the ground as part of the projects.

The funds help create the right mixture of habitat. Turkeys need a good combination of hardwoods, pines and open areas to flourish and expand. In addition to habitat, the improved areas will provide increased food for turkeys and other wildlife species.

Projects like these will significantly benefit

  • Wild turkeys
  • Other native wildlife species
  • Visiting hunters
  • The surrounding community

You can visit NWTF.org to learn more about habitat improvement projects, local chapter involvement, membership benefits and just about anything that deals with turkey hunting.

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