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Many people think turning a passion into a career is too farfetched to consider. But if you are passionate about the outdoors, there are many opportunities to live your passion.

From the largest outdoor companies and organizations to the smallest mom and pop businesses, the range of careers available in the outdoor industry is vast. Whether you are interested in accounting or biology, engineering or graphic design, you will find opportunities in the outdoor industry. From your favorite camo company to a career in a conservation organization like the NWTF, there is a need for diverse backgrounds and skillsets. Here at the NWTF, a variety of people help us deliver conservation, and other outdoor brands and organizations have similar positions.

From accountants and videographers to biologist and engineers, there is a need for individuals with diverse backgrounds and skillsets.

Below are some positions held here at the NWTF, but many other outdoor brands and organizations have these same positions.


Instead of starting this piece with the typical outdoor jobs everyone thinks about (photographer, videographer or spokesperson), it is important to note that no company would succeed without its finance department. They might not be the highlight in the videos or social media posts you might see, but accountants and bookkeepers play an essential role in the operation of any company. The NWTF finance department ensures the allocation of fundraising dollars to the various hunter recruitment or conservation projects carried out under our Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt. initiative. And, don’t forget they are the ones who cut payroll for the rest of the company.


Whether you follow an organization’s account on social media or you read the blog on their website, you are reading copy written by a writer. Writers play an integral role in any field, especially the outdoor industry. A writer’s purpose is to document or narrate a story and convey the company’s purpose. Writers must intertwine their organization’s message into almost everything they write. Jobs for writers in the outdoor industry are typically titled social media specialist, public relations specialist, editor, communications associate, copy writer or, simply, staff writer. Writers can attend conferences and communication get-togethers to learn how to reach their target audience and improve on certain skillsets. The NWTF has a small but tightknit group of writers creating content for www.nwtf.org, “Turkey Country Magazine” and “JAKES Country Magazine,” as well as its social outlets.

Videographer/ Photographer 

Similar to writers, videographers and photographers tell stories for a company or organization, highlighting content and promoting its message. But, they do it through videos and pictures. Some people might consider this group to have it best, because of the necessity for them to document all of the interesting content. NWTF camera crews travel to document hunts, conservation efforts and outreach events and tell those stories through social media and website content. A camera operator’s value increases significantly if he or she is proficient in capturing both still and video footage. If you talk to NWTF videographers and photographers, they would tell you they would not trade their job for the world.


Not all companies employ biologists, but outdoor organizations such as the NWTF, or federal and state agencies like the USDA Forest Service or the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service employ biologists to help fulfill their conservation efforts. NWTF biologists are scattered throughout the country, orchestrating wildlife and habitat improvement projects. They also are liaisons to other resource management organizations, too. If you like the outdoors and habitat management, leaning on your biology background may be your calling for a career in the outdoors.

While this has highlighted just a select few jobs available in the outdoor industry, there are many more not mentioned –– marketers, engineers, fundraisers or even IT specialists. The list is of professions in the outdoor industry is vast and goes far beyond just the professional hunters or anglers on television or social media. Whatever your background, if you have a passion for the outdoors, there is more than likely a position in the outdoor industry for you.

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