Outdoor Accounts to Follow

When you open your social media accounts, it isn’t hard to find posts that are discouraging, whether it is polarizing politics, tragic news or off-putting photos or videos.

While it is important to know what is going on in the news and to voice your opinion (that is what America is all about!), we want to help direct you to some outdoor content that is uplifting, engaging, entertaining or includes turkeys. While there are countless great accounts out there, these are just a few of the ones followed by staff here at NWTF headquarters. 

Following the NWTF goes without saying, right? The NWTF’s social accounts focus on content covering a variety of topics –– increasing hunter access nationwide, enhancing and increasing habitat for wildlife, focusing on family ideals, preserving our hunting heritage and strengthening our communities. It only makes sense to follow us if you are looking for some encouraging content!
Instagram (@official_nwtf)
Facebook (@THENWTF)
Twitter (@NWTF_official).
Make sure to watch our videos, too, on tv.NWTF.org!

From Field to Plate – Jeremiah Doughty
Through his various media platforms, Jeremiah Doughty demonstrates the processes of harvesting wild game to serving it as a delicious meal that will impress any food critic. He emphasizes his posts with captions such as “Nothing better than knowing where your dinner comes from.” Follow Doughty on his platforms for deliciousness and inspiration to harvest your own meat.
Instagram (@fromfieldtoplate)
Facebook (@fromfieldtoplate)

Mossy Oak
We all know that Mossy Oak makes the best camo on the market, but some people might not know that their social channels are full of great photos and videos, encompassing all outdoor subjects. From wildlife management techniques to fishing and hunting tips, Mossy Oak has you covered. And, don’t forget their streaming video app, Mossy Oak GO.
YouTube (Mossy Oak)
Instagram (@MossyOak)
Twitter (@MossyOak)
Facebook (@MossyOak)

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
So not strictly turkey, but if you’re looking for some incredible wildlife photography, then you must follow the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. The USFWS is dedicated to conservation and the protection of America’s greatest resources and a valued partner of the NWTF.
Twitter (@USFWS)
Instagram (@USFWS)
Facebook (@USFWS)

Traeger Outdoors
If you follow Traeger Grills on social, then it’s common knowledge that Traeger makes high-quality grills, but you should also follow Traeger Outdoors on Instagram. While their main account features photos of delicious foods and highlights their superior products, their outdoors account is hunting and fishing centric. All the food posts are wild game or wild-caught fish. Get inspired for new adventures and new meals.
Instagram (@Traegeroutdoors)

Calling All Turkeys (Shane Simpson)
Looking for all things turkey? Then Calling All Turkeys may be calling you! Shane highlights many turkey-hunting tips, and he focuses his hunts on public lands. Shane’s content is relatable and informative, and he airs semi-live hunts. Beyond turkeys, his Youtube channel features videos where he and his dog, Callie, help recover deer for hunters.
Twitter (@Callingallturks)
Instagram (@Shane_simpson_hunting)
Facebook (@CallingAllTurkeys)

Wired to Hunt
Now a part of the MeatEater Inc., Mark Kenyon is the host of the well-known podcast, Wired to Hunt. On his social channels, he chronicles everything from his hunting expeditions to casual fishing trips with his kid. Access Mark’s podcast on any number of apps or via his website, www.wiredtohunt.com.
Instagram (@wiredtohunt)
Facebook (WiredToHunt)

Sportswoman Courtney
Courtney is a hunter, angler, shooter and outdoor enthusiast, but she didn't get her start hunting until after graduating from college. She's very transparent about her hunting journey, documenting failure just as often as success. She proves there is no specific mold that female hunters and anglers need to assign themselves to and serves as a good role model for young women interested in the outdoors.
Instagram (@sportswomancourtney)
Facebook (@SportswomanCourtney)

Looking for some high quality video of turkey, waterfowl and whitetail hunting? Then following Undivided is a good choice. They post photos and video teasers of projects that they are working on, which you can watch on their website www.undivided.tv as well as their social accounts. You'll also find some good fishing content on the YouTube channel.
Facebook (@Undividedoutdoors)
Instagram (@Undividedoutdoors)
YouTube (Slate and Glass)

Who or what are some of your favorite social accounts to follow? Let us know!

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