Partnership sets new table for wild turkeys and land management

The NWTF’s success in working with partners to restore wild turkey populations was a catalyst for growing partnerships to accomplish our next mission, Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt.

With the newest partnership, members will be able to achieve that mission on their own property while supporting the initiative across the country.

The NWTF has partnered with Mossy Oak’s BioLogic/Nativ Nursery to offer the seed our members have come to know and rely on, while also offering NWTF members a chance to purchase any of BioLogic’s offerings. From Turkey Gold Chufa to field wear, NWTF members will receive a discount on purchases made through the dedicated NWTF Seed Store website: A portion of the sales will also come back to the NWTF to further the Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt. initiative.

The NWTF announced its extension of the partnership with Mossy Oak at the annual Convention and Sport Show in Nashville, Tennessee.​

“Extending our partnership with Mossy Oak into our seed and seedling program takes us one step closer to achieving our mission,” NWTF CEO Becky Humphries said.

The BioLogic family of products is the result of two individuals’ dedication to managing white-tailed deer. BioLogic is rooted in Mossy Oak’s founder Toxey Haas’ passion for chasing and growing whitetails and Dr. Grant Woods’ love for researching and managing deer herds to their full potential.

“At Mossy Oak BioLogic, we are so excited to be a partner and work with [the NWTF] to provide seed for the members, to help people upgrade their habitat, and to have more wild turkeys and white-tailed deer. That’s what it’s all about,” Mossy Oak BioLogic President Bobby Cole said at the time of the partnership announcement. “We’re extremely honored to be working with the NWTF.”

After months of planning and design, the new dedicated website for the seed store has launched. NWTF members can now go online and register to purchase seed and seedlings as well as attractants, fertilizers, tools, field wear and bulk items.

If you are an old pro at land management, a simple site search yields tried and true seed and native plants and trees. If you are new to the land management arena, the online NWTF Seed Store offers in-depth help at the click of a mouse.  


The seed selector takes the research out of deciding on what seed you need. Members choose their region of the country, a planting time, a species they are looking to attract, and whether they want a perennial or an annual seed.

The seed selector then provides a variety of seeds to choose from to match the member’s area and interests. With just a few clicks, the selected seed is in your cart and ready to ship. And that is just the beginning of the selections from which to choose.


There is also a menu to help members find trees to attract particular game animals and other wildlife. Nativ Nursery’s rapid mast tree system provides seedlings that hit the ground running, so to speak, typically producing mast in less than half the time of most traditional plantings. Trees that produce more mast at a faster rate will entice wildlife to feast at your property’s table.

The NWTF’s seed and seedlings program sprouted from one of the greatest wildlife restoration stories in modern history, and this new partnership with Mossy Oak’s BioLogic/Nativ Nursery is sure to be the next chapter.

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