Partnerships, Healthy Forests and Happy Turkeys

Located on Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources’ T.M. Gathright Wildlife Management Area and part of the George Washington and Jefferson National Forest, the Bolar Mountain Burn Project is a forest restoration and habitat enhancement project between the NWTF and numerous partners.

Set to be completed in the Spring of 2021, the project is centered in NWTF’s Central Appalachians Focal Landscape, part of NWTF’s Colonial Forests Big Six regions for conservation. The 1,744-acre prescribed burn is the largest prescribed fire application to date by the VDWR in the region and also the first collaboration in the region for prescribed fire that includes state and federal lands.

The prescribed burn will promote oak regeneration, reduce invasive species, open the forest canopy to new growth and reintroduce fire to the forest landscape as a historical form of natural disturbance.

An array of species will benefit greatly from this large-scale project, including turkey, deer, bear and grouse, among numerous others.

Partners include the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources, USDA Forest Service, The Nature Conservancy, Virginia Department of Forestry and Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation.

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