Planting Tips for NWTF Harvest Gold

Good chemistry

Testing for soil pH is usually free with your county extension service and is a great way to protect your time and investment. Most soils have lower than ideal pH and need lime, so follow your soil test’s liming recommendations. Your soil test will also provide exact fertilizer requirements.

If you don’t have a soil test, your plants will need a minimum of 250 pounds of 13-13-13 fertilizer per half-acre. Apply the fertilizer prior to planting on well-prepared soil. Work it in or make sure rain activates the fertilizer.

Make your bed

You want firm, but not packed, soil for planting. Prepare it by disking or breaking the ground to reduce or eliminate weeds. Your goal is to provide good seed-to-soil contact. Smooth your seedbed by using a roller or drag. Try not to compact the soil by working it when it is too wet, or working it so much that it dries out. Seeds will need moisture to sprout and grow.

A time to sow, a time to grow

Harvest Gold should be planted 45 to 60 days before the first fall frost. Broadcast 50 pounds of Harvest Gold Fall Food Plot Blend per half acre into moist, well-prepared soil and lightly drag the seed to a depth of ¼ inch. Use more seed if your seedbed is rough, as you may not have good seed-to-soil contact. You also can drill the seed to ¼ inch in moist soil.

Harvest Gold is produced by Eagle Seeds. Order it at


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When Cabela’s set out to build their signature line of turkey calls, the goal was to deliver a series of calls that perfectly mimicked true hen vocalizations through the entire range of volumes and frequencies.

Cabela’s produced three different SLT box calls and three pot calls for 2014. And all five of their SLT diaphragm calls are available in smaller versions for callers with narrow palates.

Harvest Gold

The NWTF/Eagle Seed’s brand new Harvest GoldTM winter forage seed mix is loaded with radishes, turnips, forage wheat, forage oats, forage soybean, rye and rape seeds. The 50-pound bag covers ½ acre, which is planted in the fall, produces a rich crop of winter forage for deer, wild turkeys and other upland game.


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