Pollinator plantings in Vineland

America’s Big Six Focal Region: Colonial Forests

Focal Landscape: Pine Barrens

Location: Vineland, New Jersey — private land open to public hunting (Landis Sewage Authority)

Cost estimate of completed project: $15,000; NWTF contribution: $5,000

Bayer Feed A Bee grant: $5,000; Partner in-kind: $5,000

Overview: Project includes planting warm season grasses and pollinator species on the Landis Sewage Authority, Quail Restoration Area. Volunteers, such as JAKES, can help plant live rootstock in hedgerows to complement pollinator plantings. An Earth Day event is planned for the site.

Description of work:

  • Herbicide treatment of existing vegetation, fall 2018
  • Plant pollinator and warm season grass mix via no-till drill, early spring 2019                                                       

Species targeted: wild turkeys, bobwhite quail, butterflies and bees

Partners: Bayer Feed-A-Bee grant program; Landis Sewage Authority; New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife; New Jersey Outdoor Alliance

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