Management Plans on Private Lands

NWTF regional biologists Luke Lewis and Brandon Bobo are excited about an innovative program that makes wildlife management and habitat improvement projects accessible to private landowners. The NWTF and Natural Resources Conservation Services’ Longleaf Pine Contribution Agreement is expected to make a major difference on the ground.

According to Lewis, private landowners who are wildlife enthusiasts and conservationists have a unique opportunity to participate directly in an initiative that is a real game changer.

“We have several biologists in the historical range of longleaf pine in the Southeast who are working hand-in-hand with the NRCS to provide professional assistance, planning, guidance and even funding for landowners,” Lewis said.

This type of hands-on assistance includes customized, written forestry and wildlife management plans to help landowners reach their property goals. If you land qualifies, these professionals will show you exactly how to attain technical and financial assistance to restore longleaf pines to your property.

Bobo has witnessed just how effective this program can be on the ground.

“We basically provide a free, no-obligation wildlife management plan that is tailored for each property,” he said. “These customized plans will ultimately create better turkey brood and nesting cover, while attracting more pollinator insects, such as butterflies, to the land. Through the use of prescribed fire, for instance, landowners can enhance their longleaf pine plant community, which also serve as a natural food plot for a variety of game species. Our team and partners will even help participants attain financial assistance to complete the management work. It really is a win-win situation for everyone involved.”

Regional Biologists work with the NRCS to deliver longleaf conservation opportunities for private landowners in the Southeast region including: LA, MI, FL,AL, GA, NC, SC, VI and E. TX. To learn more, contact your Regional Biologist by selecting your state here. 

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