Restoring open woodlands in Illinois and Missouri

Focal Region: Crossroads

Focal Landscape: Shawnee Hills, Kankakee and Illinois/Kaskaskia in Illinois and Missouri and Iowa Oaks and Ozark in Missouri

Overall Cost Estimate: $633,794 (NWTF contribution $69,394)

  • Restore open woodlands
  • Thin overstocked forested stands by up to 50 percent to restore healthy forest conditions
  • Maintain park-like conditions post-harvest via prescribed fire
  • Pay helicopter time for additional landscape-scale prescribed fires
  • Increase USDA Forest Service capacity to do landscape-scale burning in Illinois and Missouri

Partners: Illinois Department of Natural Resources, the Shawnee and Mark Twain National Forests of the USDA Forest Service, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, the Missouri Department of Conservation and The Nature Conservancy

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