Riparian Forest Buffer Initiative

Focal Region: Southern Piney Woods

Focal Landscape: Alabama

Overall Cost Estimate: N/A

The USDA National Resources Conservation Service Riparian Forest Buffer Initiative has been ongoing for two years. This project focuses on protecting streamside management zones for water quality, soil stability and improved habitat.

• Encourages landowners to double the buffer zone along waterway from the standard 35 feet to 70 feet or more.

• Increases landowners’ incentives and likelihood of getting Environmental Quality Incentive Program funding when practice is implemented

• Initiative particularly applicable when considering clear-cuts in order to restore shortleaf or longleaf pine

• Species benefitting: Wild turkey and white-tailed deer

Partners: NRCS, Alabama Forestry Association, Soil and Water Conservation Districts, American Forest Foundation, Alabama Forestry Commission, Alabama Treasure Forest Association, Alabama Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries, Alabama Wildlife Federation and private landowners

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