Riparian habitat along the Republican River

Focal Region: Great Open Spaces

Focal Landscape: Republican River

Overall Cost Estimate: $75,000 (NWTF contribution: $7,500)

Improve riparian habitat along the South Fork of the Republican River • Provide critical winter habitat for waterfowl, wild turkey, white-tailed deer, mule deer, neo-tropical migrating songbirds, bald eagle, northern bobwhite quail, Mississippi kite, Bell’s vireo, western kingbird and Bullock’s oriole • Removal of invasive trees, such as Russian olive and tamarisk • Upland habitat restoration, native grass restoration, tree and shrub establishment and excluding livestock from use of critical areas

Partners: Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism; private landowners; Cheyenne County Noxious Weed District; North American Wetland Conservation Act; and Pheasants Forever

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