Six Steps to a Sexy Tractor

Operator neglect is the main reason for equipment failure and costly repairs. Keep your tractor in its sexiest form by following these six steps.

Step 1: Reacquaint yourself with the tractor owner’s manual and inspect the tractor in its entirety, including: safety switches, lights, roll over protection system and safety belts. Also check engine belts, hoses and service points for grease and oil.

Step 2: Remove and visually inspect the air filter. Working in dusty conditions or in light, dry vegetation can clog up your filter and cause damage to an engine, so it’s important to pay extra attention to the air filter and check it regularly. Try not to use an air compressor which can damage the element, but instead tap the filter against the palm or heel of your hand to dislodge heavier particles.

Step 3: Clean the radiator screen and the radiator’s intake area. While checking for free air flow, inspect the rest of the tractor to ensure no sharp sticks have flipped into the engine or penetrated the tires.

Step 4: Use a quality type of diesel fuel additive year round to prevent tractor engine damage. Today’s biodiesel requires a fuel conditioner for it to filter regularly, especially if your tractor is allowed to sit for long periods of time. Avoid a trip to the mechanic by keeping fuel levels well above empty.

Step 5: Check tires regularly for proper air pressure and damage to the rubber or valve stems. When checking, make sure your tractor tire is in the 12 o’clock position (stem on top) so the gauge doesn’t fill with liquid. Also, ensure there aren’t any leaks or rust spots on the rim.

Step 6: Always perform a complete walk-around before each tractor operation. Check all fluids, lights and safety items. Assess the fan belt, tires and wheels for damage or loose bolts. Don't forget to check all hitch and drawbar components to make sure there are no heavy wear points.

At the end of your regular working season, change the oil. This will bathe the seals and components with fresh oil during extended periods of storage. If you store the tractor for winter, fully charge the battery. Remove it and store it in a cool area off the cement floor with a trickle charger attached.

With proper inspection and maintenance, you can keep your tractor looking sexy.

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