Southern New York Habitat Improvement

Focal Region: Colonial Forests

Focal Landscapes:  Southwestern New York (Allegany Mountains), Southeastern New York (River Valley)

Overall cost estimate of completed project: $5.2 million (NWTF contribution: $82,809)

Description: Establishing young forest habitat on private lands through the Wildlife Management Institute’s four-year Regional Conservation Partnership Program award from the NRCS on private lands in New York • Technical and financial assistance is provided by NWTF staff and partners to private landowners interested in converting mature forests into young forest habitat • In southeastern New York, work is focusing on improving New England cottontail habitat, while the work in southwestern New York is aimed at American woodcock • The work in both areas is helping improve habitat conditions for ruffed grouse, white-tailed deer, wild turkeys and other nongame birds and mammals

Partners: Wildlife Management Institute, NRCS, Audubon Society-New York, Ruffed Grouse Society, Quality Deer Management Association, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

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