Swap a Plot

There are no free lunches, so sharpen up your bartering skills. You likely possess a skill other folks pay for such as a mechanic, a contractor, an accountant, a dentist — you get the point. Offer to swap your professional services for a farmer’s equipment and experience.

Farming or ranching surrounds most whitetail hot spots, and these entities undoubtedly own machinery that can whip out a food plot in minutes. Compare that to what it would take you to plant by hand or with the help of an ATV and start negotiating.

It’s best to go into the barter with a detailed plan of how much farming you want done and an estimate of expenses associated with the trade. Tell the farmer what you’ll supply, such as seed, fertilizer and fuel expense, and ask them to do the soil preparation and seeding. Note where you differ on expenses and then offer your services for the swap to offset the use of equipment and associated operating costs. If you find common ground, offer to make the job as simple as possible. Clear the roadways to the location to accommodate the large equipment, remove any forest debris from the farming area and make sure no dilapidated fences hide along weedy edges.

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