The Truth: Tips on What Not to do

NWTF Convention and Sport Show attendees were enthralled when they learned that Will Primos, Jimmy Primos, Troy Ruiz and the rest of Outdoor Channel’s beloved “The Truth About Hunting” cast were giving a seminar about how to bag more gobblers this spring; although, what the gang of hunter-slash-comedians really provided was a seminar with video evidence of what not to do.

“Through our mistakes over the years, we have learned a lot,” Ruiz said.

After the cast joked, made fun of each other and discussed being pioneers in documenting hunts over the years, they played videos of “what not to do” when turkey hunting, ranging from missing a gobbler after three shots to not paying attention when a giant gobbler comes right into view. 

“Give the turkeys room and be patient,” Ruiz said. “Will is pretty good with patience; you get a whole six minutes of him.”

Paying attention was mentioned numerous times during the seminar. This advice was followed by a video of “The Truth About Hunting” videographer Jordan Blissett, who had his feet propped up, with his gun out of position while discussing making turkey biscuits and gravy as a gobbler came right in to his line of sight.

“I guess I should have been acting like I was hunting and not laying on the beach,” Blissett said.

It goes without saying that the turkey was back in the hedgerow by the time Blissett had his gun in hand.

“Make sure your gun is loaded,” Ruiz said. He then played a video of their friend Jimmy trying to shoot a turkey when the timing was perfect, and all the audience heard was an audible “click.” Luckily, Jimmy Primos was sitting shotgun, literally, and able to bag the gobbler.

The group answered questions from an ecstatic crowd, ranging from how to cook wild turkey to how many cameras should you bring on a hunt.  

The room full of laughs concluded with a last bit of advice: Sometimes you have to have a little faith. The cast played a video of them wrapping up a day of hunting as they watched turkeys fly up to roost, and, all of a sudden, a flash sparks across the screen. The turkey flew right into a powerline.

“At least it’s already cooked,” Jimmy Primos said.

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