Start a Trapping Tradition

A quick history lesson

  • Hunters have trapped as far back as 5000 B.C.
  • Trapping was a widespread practicing in the early days of North American settlements
  • Native Americans also trapped
  • Trading posts were established
  • European companies traded guns, pots, pans, knives, and other accessories for furs

Instead of learning it from a history book, trapping traditions can be taught firsthand and passed down through generations.

Trapping benefits

  • Trappers play an active role in wildlife management and pest control for the environment
  • Outsmarting animals, more intelligent and wary than you’d imagine, sharpens your problem-solving skills
  • Checking traps daily teaches responsibility especially to youth
  • Selling furs can be profitable
  • Trapping as a family, or with youth can create memories even if the traps are empty

Get started and get hooked

A quick internet search yields plenty of ways to get your family started trapping, including books, supplies, and most groups devoted to trapping. Plug yourself into a network of seasoned veterans to learn the tricks of the trade. Most states have a trappers association and there’s a National Trappers Association ( to get started. Remember, no articles or videos can replace hands-on learning through trial and error, so jump right in!

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