Vermont Fish and Wildlife Conservation Project

 The NWTF and the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department collaborated to plant a 2-acre field on the Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area in Addison, Vermont.

“The mix of wildflower and herbaceous species provides great brooding habitat for turkeys and quality forage for butterflies and bees,” said Matt DiBona, NWTF district biologist for New England. “Fall seeding mimics natural processes and will promote productive germination in the spring.”

The collaborative project between the NWTF and the VFWD at Dead Creek WMA is part of a larger agreement between the two organizations.

“We have a partnership to promote turkey habitat conservation and participation in turkey hunting. One of the ways we fulfill this agreement is by collaborating on habitat projects on state lands, such as WMAs and state forests,” DiBona said.

In addition to the work done at the Dead Creek WMA, the NWTF and the VFWD have partnered on various shared initiatives. Projects or events including a series of field to fork events, an adult Learn to Turkey Hunt program, JAKES events (with over 100 youth participants), Wheelin’ Sportsman Turkey hunts, biological and hunter activity surveys, multiple acquisition projects that have conserved over 3,000 acres and various habitat projects that have enhanced nearly 30 acres over the last three years.

“Our partnership with Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department touches on all aspects of our Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt initiative. Working with them, we have been able to increase our impact in the state, and hopefully encourage more folks to learn about and take advantage of the tremendous turkey hunting opportunities available in Vermont,” said DiBona.

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