Water wells at Cedar Bluff

In partnership with the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism, the NWTF created two water wells for wildlife in the Cedar Bluff Wildlife Area. In times of low rainfall, animals may have to travel as much as a mile to have access to drinking water in the wildlife area.

The two water wells solve this problem by providing closer access to clean water. Because solar-powered pumps run the wells, they require minimal maintenance and are very energy-efficient.

Though wild turkeys do not make much use of the wells, other wildlife benefit greatly from them.

“Turkeys are not really reliant on standing water,” NWTF biologist Jared McJunkin said. They get most of the water requirements that they need from the food that they eat—through succulent vegetation, insects and things like that. So it’s not as important for them. It is important for other wildlife species that use that area, like white-tailed deer and mule deer. It was more a holistic wildlife beneficial project.”

— Heiler Meek

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