Youth Hunts in North Dakota

The NWTF and the North Dakota Game and Fish Department worked with a local landowner to conserve land and allow access for youth-only hunting in Burleigh County.

The NWTF and NDGFD split the cost of the 100-acre tract of private land along the Missouri River, as part of a three-year leasing agreement to facilitate NWTF’s R3 initiative and to conserve and improve wildlife habitat in the area.

“The landowner’s vision was to have the area available for conservation, education and youth,” said Kevin Kading, NDGF’s private land section leader. “The land is available for youth, walk-in hunting only. Youth must be 16 years old or younger and be accompanied by an adult. Because of the project’s proximity to residential areas, the lease is only open to shotguns for upland hunting and archery for turkey and deer.”

Luanna Fisketjon, the landowner of the 100-acre leasing agreement, is proud to contribute to a cause she feels is important. 

“I grew up in a hunting family and have always had an appreciation for what hunting can do: controlling wildlife populations, encouraging youth to grow physically and confidently and providing a nutritious food source. Encouraging the next generation of hunters is so important,” Fisketjon said. “We plan to continue the arrangement and are hopeful other financial partners will come forward so that this property always stays in the hands of youth hunters.”

The property has historically not been open to public hunting, so the area’s wildlife populations are abundant and provide a facilitated hunting opportunity for youth hunters.

“The area has a healthy population of Easterns on it as well as white-tailed deer, squirrel and some pheasants,” Kading said. “The western edge of the property adjoins the Missouri River so there is some potential waterfowl hunting, too. It is a great place for young kids to get a chance at archery hunting deer or turkey.”

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