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Photo credit: Chasing 49.
Turkey Hunting

Highway 50: a Chasing 49 film

Chasing 49, Mossy Oak and the National Wild Turkey Federation are proud to release Highway 50, a story 5 years in the making.

Chasing 49 August 30, 20221 min read

The Chasing 49 story began with Keith Ott and Ryan Whitelaw’s trip to the western United States in pursuit of the US slam in 2017. Day 7 told this story and helped launch the Chasing 49 film series as it appears today.

Highway 50 tells the story of Keith Ott’s completion of his US slam. Set on the same ridges in Arizona as much of Day 7, Highway 50 encompasses the passion, relentless drive and amazing adventure that makes the US Slam such a special pursuit.

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