Grand National Taxidermy Contest Results

Gobblers strut, big chests and beards puff out, attracting attention. Spring hens nest hidden in shadow-casting edge cover. Predators attack the wild turkeys we love, engaged in dramatic duels. Walk through the Grand National Wild Turkey and White-Tailed Deer Taxidermy Competition display at the NWTF's annual Convention and Sport Show, and you'll experience unrivaled artistic renditions, crafty design elements and supreme efforts to re-create moments from times afield like you've never seen before. After all, wildlife taxidermy aims at putting a memory on the wall you can return to whenever you want, just by looking up there. – Steve Hickoff, "Mounting Talent," Turkey Call

Congratulations to the following winners.

Wild Turkey Master of Masters Division

Winner: Michael Mizelle

Wild Turkey Masters Division

Best of Show: Josh West
Best Standing: Tanner Burns
Best Strutting: Josh West

Wild Turkey Professional Division

Best of Show: Seth French
Best Strutting: Seth French
Best Standing: Chuck Mulkey
Best Group: Cody Hodge

Wild Turkey Commercial Division

1st Place: Glenn Williams

Wild Turkey Youth and Amateur Division

Amateur: Jacob Helbing

White-tailed Deer Master of Masters Division

Winner: Butch Irwin

White-tailed Deer Masters Division

Best of Show: Cody Hodge
Best Open Mouth Deer: Cody Hodge
Best Closed Mouth Deer: Cody Hodge

White-tailed Deer Professional Division

Best of Show: Jason Grant
Best Open Mouth Deer: Michael Humphrey
Best Closed Mouth Deer: Jason Grant

White-tailed Deer Commercial Division

First Place: Jacob Russell
Second Place: Taylor Walker

White-tailed Deer Amateur and Youth Division

Amateur: Tyler Eaton
Youth (17 and under): Callie Lewis