Exhibitor Information

The 2021 NWTF Convention and Sport Show will be a virtual event. We encourage exhibitors to participate as we dive into the virtual world to connect our event attendees with you in a new way.

We will contact you very soon with more details on our virtual platform and the options you have to connect with our attendees. We will offer a unique platform for you to sell your products, if you choose. We will help you navigate your current deposit, discuss the various virtual booth options for 2021, including prices, and how to secure a space in our 2022 show.

Due to the changes to our 2021 show, we will not cancel your booth space until we have been in touch with you. If we are unable to reach you and have not heard from you by Nov. 20, we will move your booth reservation and all payments to the 2022 show.

2021 Virtual Booth Package Levels (features and a demo available soon)

Booth LevelPrice  Priority Points Earned*
Silver $2756

*5 for participating and one additional per level.

Exhibitors opting in for a 2021 virtual booth

We will apply your current deposit and any additional 2021 booth payments made to your 2021 virtual booth. Balance due by Nov. 30. Exhibitor will be notified when 2022 booth selection begins in priority point order. Exhibitor must make a 20% booth deposit at the time of booth selection to hold a 2022 reservation. If current booth payments exceed 2021 virtual reservation, additional payments may be applied to the 2022 reservation or a refund issued less the 2022 booth deposit. 

Exhibitors opting out of a 2021 virtual booth

Option 1: Apply current deposit and additional payments to 2022 reservation. Exhibitors will be contacted for 2022 booth selection in priority point order.
Option 2: Apply current deposit to 2022 reservation. Refund my additional 2021 booth payments within 60 days. Exhibitor will be contacted for 2022 booth selection in priority point order.
Option 3: Refund all money paid within 60 days. Exhibitor understands they will not have a 2022 booth reservation with this option.


Email: exhibithall@nwtf.net
Phone: 888.786.3367


Q) When will I see a demo for the 2021 virtual show?
A) We are finalizing the exhibitor templates and available features with our software company. We will send more information on demos as soon as we can.

Q) Am I required to participate in the virtual 2021 event to guarantee a spot in the 2022 show?
A) No, exhibitors who signed up for 2021 can move their deposit to secure a spot for our 2022 show.

Q) Why do I have to choose a booth for 2022?
A) The floorplan for 2022 has not been determined at this point. There may continue to be social distancing rules that we have to adhere to and we are evaluating the entire space so the layout may change. For this reason, we cannot guarantee you the exact booth that you had reserved.

Q) How will 2022 sign ups work?
A) Once a floorplan for 2022 is final, we will assign booths in priority point order by appointment. We will send more guidelines and information on this as they become available.

Q) Will attendees be able to buy my products?
A) Yes! There are two ways to sell your product through the virtual platform. You can link attendees to your current ecommerce platform, provide products that attendees can add to their show shopping cart or a combination of both. Attendees will have a shopping cart that will generate a purchase order to each exhibitor that they order product from. The exhibitor will receive the PO and contact the buyer to process the transaction. (more details to follow)

Q) How can I talk with attendees?
A) The Gold and Platinum booth packages include a personal chat feature. This can be through texting or video chat, in groups or one-on-one.