10 Gear Tips to Improve Your Hunt

Proper gear, properly used, can make hunting more enjoyable along with enhancing your chances of success. Here are 10 tips and accessories every hunter should at least consider

1. Blinds

Shield your movements in a portable blind or create an impromptu natural block using pruning shears. A blind gives you, or your hunting partner, wiggle room in situations where you’ve got to be motionless.

2. Overlooked accessories

Don’t ignore a dried wing for flapping, a walking stick for rugged terrain or a pruning shears to trim brush. These items won’t hurt your hunt and may make your life easier.

3. A gun sling
Wearing a comfortable gun sling makes transporting your weapon easier. Try a padded gun sling, and remember to oil the hinges for silence.

4. Protecting calls

Turkey calls are fragile. They can be crushed, cracked and ruined or wrecked in many ways, including by rain or snow. Protecting them is common sense, slide them in a Ziploc bag or place them into a sturdy plastic container, you’ll be thankful you did.

5. Optics

Binoculars are always useful, always. Keep them light, extra weight isn’t worth a bit of enhanced magnification. Scopes on guns are another matter.

6. Safety items

Certain gear, even if seldom used, belongs in your pack. Never forget to bring a small first-aid kit, a compass or GPS, a flashlight, fire starter, and maybe a topographical map.

7. Comfort enhancers

A comfortable hunter is more alert and can keep still. Folding seats (with back support), cushions, ThermaCELL or insect repellent, a vest with multiple pockets and raingear have great merit.

8. Proper footwear

Wet, cold, hot or blistered feet are nightmares for turkey hunters. Think about the circumstances in which you will be hunting and choose shoes accordingly. Also, never “break in” a pair of new books on a hunt, doing so is inviting misery.

9. High-quality masks

Not all head covers are equal. Find one that fits you and your purpose, whether you have glasses, use mouth calls, or have a tendency to get hot, there is a mask suitable for you.

10. Gear with spirit

Wingbone calls, strikers made from turkey bones, fixed-blade knives featuring a turkey leg, or decorative items such as spur hatbands all add zest to the hunt. These items may not be essential, but they’ll give a thinking hunter some meaningful inner peace.

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