13 Lucky Decoys for 2015

Good decoys are a must when it comes to spring hunting. Try one of these if you’re looking to add to the collection of dekes. We all know another decoy to put in the basement or out in the shed can’t hurt.

Montana Decoy Miss Purr-fect


This is Montana Decoy’s first 3D hen decoy. Its spring-like design allows it to collapse to virtually a flat shape. When ready to use, remove storage straps and it takes its full shape. Its Perfect Pose Technology allows it to be a looker, feeder or breeder decoy. The head can be positioned to fit the posture. The feather-cut body allows for extra movement in light to moderate winds.

Montana Decoy Dinner Belle


This decoy offers the advantage of having a feeding hen. But it does so with a fraction of the weight. This is great reassurance for call-shy gobblers. This decoy works best when paired with a jake or another hen decoy.

Montana Decoy Spring Fling


This decoy weighs in at 8 ounces. And it folds flat for easy transport. A photo of a hen just before she was bred was used to design and create this decoy. The printed HD photo that was used captures a hen’s exact posture and behavior when she’s receptive to toms. This decoy is kryptonite for lusty longbeards.

H.S. Penny Snood


The new Penny Snood might be the third wheel in the snood line, but she’s an effective one. She is positioned in a relaxed feeding position that puts turkeys at ease. This decoy takes decoying from effective to downright dangerous for longbeards.

H.S. Suzie Snood


Suzie Snood is designed to lure in those leery longbeards. This decoy can be just the thing to draw them in those last few yards that are so critical for success. It is easy to set up and inflates in seconds. Keep this decoy in mind if you want a quality deke.

H.S. Jake Snood


This semi-aggressive jake decoy is meant to provoke serious confrontations with gobblers. The detail in this decoy comes from careful attention to the head and feather-tips. This decoy is constructed with durable expanded rubber. So just because he gets flogged each time afield, doesn’t mean he won’t last.

Primos Gobbstopper Hen


Some hen decoys offer realism and come with a high price. The Gobbstopper Hen does so without the cost. This decoy can be used in the upright, contented or submissive positions. The paint scheme and texture found on this decoy are top of the line. So if you just want an effective decoy, look no further.

Primos Gobbstopper Jake


The Primos Gobbstopper Jake offers realism and does so at a bargain. Its lightweight design makes it a breeze to carry in the field. And we all know how tough it can be to lug decoys around. It has incredible detail and its ¼-strut position ticks off gobblers and brings them in running.

MAD Smokey Baby


This decoy is definitely one of the more unique designs in the wide world of turkey decoys. It resembles the rare smoke-grey color phase of a wild turkey hen. The logic behind this decoy says it will catch gobblers’ eyes better than traditional decoys. I haven’t tested this theory yet. But I’m definitely looking forward to doing it.

MAD Shady Baby


The Shady Baby is a good, life-like hen decoy. Its welcoming posture, paired with effective calling, paints the whole scene for love-sick toms. If you’re looking for a productive hen decoy that puts gobblers in the back of the truck, this is one to do it.

Avian-X LCD Strutter


This Lifelike Collapsible Decoy (LCD) Strutter is a solid decoy. It features true-to-life body posture. The non-aggressive strutting position is effective against dominant and subdominant toms. Also, it offers a no-flake paint scheme. It’s crafted with rugged Dura-Rubber.

Dave Smith Decoy Strutter


This is arguably one of the most realistic strutter decoys on the market. Grant it, the price does reflect that. That said, you get what you pay for. When you pay for a DSD Strutter, you’re paying for quality. And you’re buying increased odds of filling your tag.

MOJO Tail Jerker


This pull-string-operated jake decoy offers realism in the form of motion. Decoys can look as realistic as we want them to be. But, at the end of the day, there’s nothing more convincing than seeing it move. This decoy going in and out of strut could be just what it takes to entice that longbeard those last few yards.

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