2019 Fall Gear Guide

Since we know turkey hunters enjoy more than just spring pursuits, we want to help make sure you know about some of the new gear out there during the fall season. 

Whether you planning on chasing deer, sitting in a duck blind or even hitting the backcountry of the West, these are some of the products that piqued our interest and we think are worth a quick look.

Pelican V800 Vault Double Rifle Case
Flying with firearms can be an ordeal in of itself sometimes, but one thing you should never have to worry about is the safety of your guns. I’m not just talking about the safety in the sense of making sure the case stays securely locked, but also making sure your firearms are snuggly held in place. Because, we all know airline baggage handlers can be rough on gear. The Pelican V800 easily handles both allowing the owner to customize the case to fit his/her rifles, or shotguns, should you use it for that. I took this case to Montana earlier this year, and both my Tikka T3 in .30-06 and Remington 1187 in 20-gauge made the trip with no issues. MSRP - $199

Ameristep Distorter Ground Blind
Ground blinds are a great tool for both spring and fall hunting pursuits in they provide concealment from game, protection from rain and also help keep things warmer in the cold months. But, put too many hunters in the blind and you can quickly run in to storage issues. The Ameristep Distorter solves that problem with unique kick-out technology, comfortably housing as many as three hunters and their gear. Kick-outs also are located on the roof offering heights of 70 inches at more than just the center hub. Beyond roominess, the design helps breakup the cube-like shape of most hub-style blinds. MSRP - $299

Wildgame Innovations ZeroTrace
I am a true believer in concealment products that implement ozone. I have watched a wary doe cross my scent cone, pause, look around, smell the air and then continue on as if she didn’t catch of whiff anything at all. Wildgame Innovations’ ZeroTrace is similar to these popular products, but produces positively and negatively charged ions instead of ozone. The unit isn’t exactly small or light, coming in at just more than 2 pounds, but it’s comparable to similar ozone devices. It also comes with a blind and tree mounts, as well as two rechargeable batteries offering up to as much as 12 hours of coverage. MSRP - $199

Thermacell Radius Zone Mosquito Repellent – Gen 2.0
The Thermacell Radius is a vital addition to any yard, patio, or campsite. With the push of one-button, you’ll create a 15 square foot mosquito free zone. This version is TSA compliant, and its compact size makes it ideal for travel. It does take several hours to reach a full charge (USB battery charging cable is included) but can operate while charging. A single charge lasts 6.5 hours with repellent refill pods available in 12 hour and 40 hour sizes. This device is great for hunting and camping applications like the portable repellers, but creates a larger protection zone is a sleeker package. MSRP - $49.99

Wildgame Innovations Shadow Lights Out
Both turkey and deer scouting are much easier with the use of trail cams, and over the years, they have become more and more technologically advanced. The new Shadow Lights Out is quite small at a size of just 3”x3”x2” and its use of the Lights Out technology helps keep it even more hidden. The most unique feature of this camera isn’t its size, it’s the proprietary magnetic ball mounting system. It allows the camera to be quietly rotated on a wide axis and also make it easy to pop the camera off its base for swapping of cards and batteries. MSRP - $109.99

Thermacell Mosquito Repellent MR300
Very few things can ruin an enjoyable time outside more than mosquitoes. Whether you are in the spring turkey woods or on backyard grill duty, the Thermacell MR300 has got you covered; literally, it creates a 15-foot by 15-foot barrier that protects from mosquitoes. This portable and lightweight mosquito barrier is DEET-free, smoke-free and mess-free. Straight out of the box, it comes with three repellent mats and one fuel cartridge for 12 hours of no mosquitoes. With an ON/OFF switch, you can save your cartridge and mats for the next time you are outside. The Thermacell MR300 is a must-have in any outdoor situation. Even better, it comes in a camo option so those keen-sighted gobblers cannot spot you. MSRP - $29.99

ALPS OutdoorZ Contender X
This pack is promoted as the perfect daypack for a whitetail hunter, and it isn’t far off the mark. Whether hunting from the ground or 20 feet up a tree, the pack provides numerous storage options and it also has a drop-down pocket for strapping in and easily carrying a firearm or bow. The design of the pack also lends itself to easily standing upright on flat surfaces, for easy gear access in a blind or at the base of a tree. MSRP $199.99

Styrka S3 Series Red Dot
Nothing makes you more accurate in the turkey woods than a red dot sight, and Styrka’s S3 series open red dot is a testament to that. The red dot comes with an adjustment tool, high-rise mount, lithium battery, sticker and a refrigerator magnet that highlights Styrka’s impeccable warranty. The first thing I noticed about this sight is its high-quality construction. It is not made of cheap plastic like other red dots that I have encountered, and its high-quality construction alludes to its high-quality performance in the woods. The unlimited eye relief is perfect for those moments when a turkey appears where you least expect it, and its near parallax-free design ensures complete accuracy at any distance you would responsibly be killing a turkey from. This one is a keeper. MSRP - $289.95

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