2019 Spring Hunt Guide

Some of us are just getting started on a Grand Slam, while others are a few states away from the U.S. Super Slam. Whether you’re looking for a new subspecies of wild turkey to hunt or you’re researching a new state to test your turkey hunting acumen, the 2019 Spring Hunt Guide is here to help. Use it to find season dates, bag limits, recent harvest data and more from all 49 states the wild turkey inhabits. Find out where to locate each subspecies (plus the Ocellated turkey species) here, and let the obsession commence this spring.

Spring turkey season open dates

Note: While the dates for each state's hunting season have been checked for accuracy, NWTF members and readers should continue to consult their state's hunting regulations before hunting. 

States: A  C  D  F  G  H   I  K  L M  N O  P  R  S  T  U  V 


Game Agency Website: https://www.outdooralabama.com/what-hunt/turkey-hunting-alabama 
Agency Contact Number: (334) 242-3469
Current Population Estimate: Not provided
2018 Harvest Data: Hunters reported 9,645 spring gobblers in Game Check, Alabama’s mandatory harvest recording and reporting system. They reported 27,400 spring gobblers in a post-harvest survey conducted by Responsive Management.
Season Dates: March 16-April 30 (varies by zone and county)
Bag Limit: One gobbler per day; five during combined fall and spring seasons
Public Land Progress: Researchers in Barbour Wildlife Management Area (Barbour County in southeast Alabama) completed a habitat enhancement Super Fund project in 2018 to benefit Eastern wild turkeys. This project entailed renting a skid steer with diamond mulching head to remove mid-story trees and brush to stimulate growth of grasses and forbs improving brood-rearing habitat for wild turkeys.
Special Notes: 2018 was the second spring season of the Game Check system. Thus, the reported harvests likely under-represent the actual number of total harvested birds. Brood survey trend indicates a decline in reproduction growth. Researchers are making strides to develop a scientifically robust method for population estimates.

No Season

Game Agency Website:
Agency Contact Number: (602) 942-3000
Current Population Estimate: 30,000 birds
Season Dates: Arizona Game and Fish issues all permits through a public draw. Applications are due every fall. April 26-May 2 and May 3-23 for hunters drawing a Merriam’s or Rio Grande wild turkey tag; May 3-9 and May 10-30 for hunters drawing a Gould’s wild turkey tag.
Archery season is April 26-May 30 depending upon hunt drawn by hunter. 
Youth-only season is April 19-25 and May 10-23. Over the counter/non-permit tag for archery is May 10-23.
Bag Limit:  One bearded turkey
Public Land Progress: The Prescott National Forest in central Arizona has benefited from multiple wild turkey transplants in recent years, as well as multiple small-scale habitat enhancement projects, including spring development and riparian habitat improvement. Merriam’s wild turkeys are common in suitable habitat. Arizona Game and Fish issues nearly all permits in the fall big game draw.

Game Agency Website:
Agency Contact Number: (800) 364-4263 or (501) 223-6300
Current Population Estimate: 80,000 – 100,000 birds
2018 Harvest Data: 7,884
Season Dates: Youth Hunt (age 6 -15): April 6-7 Statewide; Regular Season: April 8 - 24 (Zones 1, 2, 3, 4B, 5, 5B, 6, 7, 7A, 8, 9, 10, and 17); April 8 - 16 (Zones 1A, 4, 4A, 5A and 9A)
Bag Limit: Two legal turkeys (except one legal turkey in Zones 1A, 4, 4A, 5A and 9A, and youth ages 6-15 may take one jake as part of their two-bird bag)
Public Land Progress: The Arkansas State Chapter of the NWTF partnered with the Trust for Public Land and the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission to help purchase a 975-acre tract of land that adjoins Cypress Bayou Wildlife Management Area in White County. This project increased the size of the WMA to 2,638 acres of publicly accessible wildlife habitat. The Trust for Public Land initially purchased the property and held it until the AGFC could find funding. The Arkansas State Chapter of the NWTF contributed $100,000 of the $2.9 million purchase price from sales derived from their NWTF Specialty License Plate. The funding provided by the Arkansas State Chapter was required to help the AGFC meet their non-federal match requirement on land purchases. The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission opened the newly-purchased tract to hunting last fall. In addition to this purchase, the NWTF used Super Fund dollars to help finance a $4,500 mulching project on the original WMA. The NWTF and the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission completed the mulching project in 2017, and they reclaimed about 15 acres of old fields that were grown up in sweet gum thickets as a result.

Game Agency Website:
Agency Contact Number: (888) 334-2258
Current Population Estimate: In 2004, approximately 250,000 wild turkeys were in the state. There is no current monitoring other than monitoring the North American Breeding Bird Survey trends from raw data.
2018 Harvest Data: No data for 2018; 2016 estimate was 23,503 birds (combined spring and fall)
Season Dates: General – March 30-May 5
Bag Limit: One bearded bird per day; maximum of three per season.
Public Land Progress: The California Department of Fish and Wildlife provided funds to the NWTF from its Upland Game Bird Account for two habitat improvement projects. First, the NWTF completed a project on the 21,000-acre Knoxville Wildlife Area to convert a grassland dominated by nonnatives back to native grassland, and installed two water sources. The department also funded the mastication of 50 acres of ponderosa pine as part of a 2,976-acre forest thinning project in the Eldorado National Forest. The goal is to increase diversity of shrubs, grasses and forbs, while also increasing acorn production.

Game Agency Website:
Agency Contact Number: (303) 297-1192
Current Population Estimate: 35,000 birds
2018 Harvest Data: Not provided
Season Dates: April 13 - May 26 statewide. Some game management units split this range of dates into two seasons; check regulations.
Bag Limit: One bearded bird via an over-the-counter permit. Hunters may take an additional bird if they also draw a limited spring turkey permit.
Public Land Progress: Not provided

Game Agency Website:
Agency Contact Number: (860) 418-5957
Current Population Estimate: Not provided
2018 Harvest Data: 1,504 bearded birds          
Season Dates: April 24- May 25
Bag Limit: Two bearded birds on state land and three bearded birds on private land
Public Land Progress: The NWTF and Connecticut Fish and Wildlife implemented and continue to maintain a wild turkey brood habitat project at Nipmuck State Forest in Woodstock. The two organizations developed the project to enhance Eastern wild turkey brood habitat in an area dominated by mature timber. They established the initial project to rehabilitate an overgrown field into an open grassland.

Game Agency Website:
Agency Contact Number: (302) 735-3600
Current Population Estimate: 6,000
2018 Harvest Data: 652 
Season Dates: April 6 (youth); April 13 to May 11 (regular). Check regulations for public land permits and season segment dates (www.eregulations.com/delaware/hunting/; pages 26–27). All first-time Delaware turkey hunters must successfully complete a division-approved Turkey Hunting Safety Course. This includes both public and private hunters. To register for a classroom Turkey Hunting Safety Course, call the Hunter Education Office at (302) 735-3600. Delaware also accepts an online Turkey Hunting Safety Course. You can find the online course at www.wildturkeyhuntingcourse.com. Upon completion of the online course, contact the Hunter Education Office.
Bag Limit: One gobbler
Public Land Progress: Managers at Cedar Swamp Wildlife Area have been converting agricultural fields to early successional habitat. These habitats are important for providing brood-rearing cover and foods. The mixture of forests and old fields provide New Castle County hunters a wide variety of habitats to hunt.

Game Agency Website:
Agency Contact Number: (850) 488-4676
Season Dates: March 2 to April 7 south of SR 70; March 16 to April 21 north of SR 70
Bag Limit: Two birds (only one in Holmes County)
Current Population Estimate: Not provided
2017 Harvest Data: 22,307 birds
Public Land Progress: NWTF, the Florida Wildlife Commission and the Florida Forest Service have worked with the Southwest Florida Water Management District through the wild turkey cost-share program to roller-chop and burn areas of dense palmetto and shrub cover, opening the understory and improving ground cover conditions in the Green Swamp in Polk, Sumter and Lake counties in the heart of Osceola Country.

Game Agency Website:
Agency Contact Number: (770) 761-3045
Current Population Estimate: 300,000
2018 Harvest Data: 17,066
Season Dates: March 16-17 (Youth/Mobility Impaired Only); March 23-May 15
Bag Limit: Three gobblers
Public Land Progress: The Oconee National Forest, in central Georgia, has an active timber management and prescribed burning program and has conducted brush management for forest understory restoration.

Game Agency Website:
Agency Contact Numbers: Island of Maui - (808) 984-8100

Island of Moloka‘i - (808) 553-1745

Island of Lana‘i - (808) 565-7916

Island of Hawai‘i - (808) 974-4221

Season Dates: Check regulations
Bag Limit: Varies by island; check regulations 

Game Agency Website: 
Agency Contact Number: (208) 334-2920
Current Population Estimate: Not provided
2018 Harvest Data: 3,300 turkeys harvested in spring. With approximately 11,600 hunters, Idaho hunters had a 29 percent success rate. Hunter success has been 32 percent over the past five years.
Season Dates: Youth season - April 8-14; General season - April 15-May 25
Bag Limit: Two bearded turkeys
Public Land Progress: The NWTF has been involved with several habitat improvements in the Portneuf Wildlife Management Area benefiting Merriam’s and hybrid wild turkeys. Several habitat improvements – brush plantings, food plots, perennial plantings and access management – are under-utilized due to a limited number of large trees within the vicinity. The desired outcome is to establish new turkey roosting areas.

Game Agency Website:
Agency Contact Number: (217) 782-6302
Current Population Estimate: Not provided
2018 Harvest Data: Not provided
Season Dates: Youth – March 30-31 and April 6-7; General season – North Zone: First – April 15-19, Second – April 20-25, Third – April 26-May 1, Fourth – May 2-8, Fifth – May 9-16;South Zone: First – April 8-12; Second – April 13-18; Third – April 19-24; Fourth – April 25-May 1; Fifth – May 2-9
Bag Limit: One bearded turkey per permit; maximum of three per person. Permits are valid only for the county or special hunt area and season for which the Illinois Department of Natural Resources issues them. (www.dnr.illinois.gov/hunting/Pages/TurkeyHunting.aspx)
Public Land Progress: Siloam Springs State Park is a 3,300-acre site in western Illinois with a robust Eastern wild turkey population. Over the last several years, wildlife biologists and land managers, with the help of the Illinois NWTF Super Fund, have applied intensive forest stewardship practices, including timber stand improvements, invasive species removal and prescribed fire. The result has been a complex of open oak-hickory woodlands, savannas and tall grass prairie throughout the site providing tremendous forest wildlife hunting opportunities.
Special Notes: First lottery closed Dec. 1, 2018; Second lottery closed Jan. 11, 2019; Third lottery closed Feb. 11, 2019; Remaining permits available over the counter March 12, 2019.

Game Agency Website: 
Agency Contact Number: (317) 232-4070
Current Population Estimate: 110,000 to 120,000 birds
2018 Harvest Data: Not provided
Season Dates: Youth season - April 20-21; Regular season - April 24 to May 12;
Bag Limit: One bearded or male turkey
Public Land Progress: The NWTF and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources have worked to create woodland meadow/opening maintenance through mechanical means and prescribed fire on the Hoosier National Forest benefitting Eastern wild turkeys.
Special Notes: Annual brood production has been in decline for over a decade, especially the past two years. This is evident by the low percentage of jakes in harvest reports (11-13 percent).

Game Agency Website:
Agency Contact Number: (614) 774-2958
Current Population Estimate: 150,000 birds
2018 Harvest Data: 11,701 birds
Season Dates: April 8-May 12 (Four general seasons); Youth season is April 5-7
Bag Limit: One bearded or male turkey per valid license and transportation tag
Public Land Progress: The Loess Hills State Forest area of western Iowa provides some wonderful turkey hunting opportunities with lower hunting pressure than in some of our eastern Iowa areas. Staff are working to manage timberlands from invasive species and open up native grasslands for brooding areas. Hunters can expect to find the Eastern subspecies in all of Iowa's 99 counties. The Iowa NWTF continues to support sound and innovative management practices as well as critical land acquisitions across the state.
Special Notes: Hunters should check out the Iowa DNR hunting atlas for public lands available across the state. This electronic map includes state, county and federal lands. It also includes private lands managed by the Iowa DNR known as the IHAP (Iowa Hunting and Access Program). Non-resident applications are due in January. Limited tags available to nonresidents by zone.

Game Agency Website:
Agency Contact Number: (620) 672-5911
Current Population Estimate: Not provided
2018 Harvest Data: Estimated 22,639 birds
Season Dates: Youth/Disabled - April 1-16; Archery - April 8-16; Regular - April 17-May 31
Bag Limit: One bearded turkey per permit or game tag (two total). Limited permits available in Unit 4.
Public Land Progress: In the north-central portion of the state, hunters will have the opportunity to pursue both Rio Grande and Eastern subspecies. Hunters can explore several wildlife management areas (http://ksoutdoors.com/Hunting/Where-to-Hunt) in the region, as well as many properties enrolled in the state’s Walk-in Hunting Access program (http://ksoutdoors.com/KDWPT-Info/Locations/Hunting-Fishing-Atlas/Spring-Hunting-Atlas).

Game Agency Website:
Agency Contact Number: (800) 858-1549
Current Population Estimate: 300,000 birds
2018 Harvest Data: 27,255 birds
Season Dates: Two-day youth season - April 6-7; General season - April 13-May 5
Bag Limit: Two bearded birds. A hunter may take a male turkey or a turkey with a visible beard. No more than one bird per day. No more than two birds per spring season. Any combination of male turkeys, or female turkeys with visible beards, may be included in this two-bird season limit. Turkeys taken by youth during the youth-only season count toward the spring turkey bag limit.
Public Land Progress: In the Daniel Boone National Forest, the Cumberland Plateau and eastern Kentucky, there has been supported prescribed burning and shortleaf pine restoration on Stearns Ranger District.

Game Agency Website:
Agency Contact Number: (225) 765-2361
Current Population Estimates: 50,000
2018 Harvest Data: 3,000
Season Dates: Area A-April 6-May 5; Area B-April 6-28; Area C-April 6-21 (See rules and regulations). Refer to regulations for hunting areas and Wildlife Management Area/federal land seasons.
Bag Limit: Two – one gobbler per day; two gobblers per season. The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries prohibits the taking of hens, including bearded hens. Hunters are required to report their kill within 72 hours using the kill validation website, www.la.wildlifelicense.com, or by calling (888) 765-2602.
Public Land Progress: On-the-ground planning and implementation with the USDA Forest Service to conduct select thinning and improve habitat through the frequent use of prescribed burning on the Kisatchie National Forest to benefit Eastern wild turkeys.

Game Agency Website:
Agency Contact Number: (207) 287-8000
Current Population Estimate: 65,000 birds
2018 Harvest Data: 6,150 birds
Season Dates: April 29-June 1
Bag Limit: Two birds
Public Land Progress: Not provided

Game Agency Website:
Agency Contact Number: (410) 260-8540
Current Population Estimate: 40,000 birds
2018 Harvest Data: Not provided
Season Dates: Youth season - April 13-14; General season - April 18-May 23
Bag Limit: The spring season bag limit is one bearded turkey per day; two bearded turkeys for the season.
Public Land Progress: Savage River State Forest encompasses 54,000 acres in the mountains of Garrett County. NWTF funds have allowed the Maryland Department of Natural Resources to enhance and maintain valuable Eastern wild turkey brood habitat throughout the property for many years.

Game Agency Website:
Agency Contact Number: (508) 389-6300
Current Population Estimate: 30,000 birds
2018 Harvest Data: 3,000 birds
Season Dates: Youth day - April 27; General season - April 29-May 25
Bag Limit: Two bearded birds; no more than one per day.
Public Land Progress: Not provided

Game Agency Website:
Agency Contact Number: (517) 284-9453
Current Population Estimate: 200,000 birds
2018 Harvest Data: 33,433 birds
Season Dates: April 22-May 31
Bag Limit: One bearded turkey per licensed hunter
Public Land Progress: Visit Michigan's "Turkey Tract" sites (https://www.michigan.gov/dnr/0,4570,7-350-79119_79147_81580-466423--,00.html). The Turkey Tract at the Allegan State Game Area highlights habitat work involving oak savanna restoration activities that the Michigan Department of Natural Resources created in partnership with NWTF. The native grasses and wildflowers found within oak savanna habitats offer excellent nesting and brood-rearing habitat. Openings within these habitats also offer display areas that gobblers utilize during the breeding season. Staff manage these areas for wild turkeys and wild turkey hunters. There are thousands of acres in this state game area that provide excellent turkey hunting.

Game Agency Website:
Agency Contact Number: (888) 646-6367 or (651) 296-6157
Current Population Estimate: Minnesota does not formally estimate turkey population numbers. Registered harvest and hunter success rates are the main sources of information currently used to track population trends. The registered harvest in the spring over the past decade has fluctuated only slightly, reporting around 11,500 turkeys with hunting success rates between 23-33 percent.
2018 Harvest Data: The spring turkey harvest in 2018 was 10,705 turkeys. Weather conditions during the popular lottery seasons likely impacted harvest in 2018. Also of note, the spring 2018 season was five days shorter than 2017 season due to calendar dates.
Season Dates: Six time periods, beginning April 17 and concluding May 31 (lottery for first two periods). Archery and youth permits are valid during all time periods and all permit areas.
Bag Limit: One permit per person, one bearded bird per permit
Public Land Progress: In the Richard J. Dorer State Forest in Fillmore and Winona counties, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources treated 29 acres to promote desirable hardwood species (oak, walnut, hickory, etc.) through control of undesirable and invasive species (elm, boxelder, black locust, buckthorn, honeysuckle, etc.). The NWTF contributed $20,000 for a larger $910,000 project in southeast Minnesota from the Outdoor Heritage Fund, as appropriated by the Minnesota State Legislature and recommended by the Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council.

Game Agency Website:
Agency Contact Number: (601) 432-2199
Current Population Estimates: 250,000 – 300,000 birds
2018 Harvest Data: 24,763 birds
Season Dates: Youth Season - March 8-14; General season - March 15-May 1
Bag Limit: One adult gobbler with a 6-inch beard or longer per day; three per spring season. Hunters aged 15 years of age or younger may harvest one gobbler of choice (any age) per day; three per spring season.
Public Land Progress: Not provided
Special Notes: Mississippi will institute a mandatory reporting system for the first time in 2019. All hunters, regardless of license status, will be required to document their turkey harvests on a reporting record prior to moving and will have until 10 p.m. on the day of harvest to complete the reporting process and receive a confirmation number. The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks has created a harvest reporting smartphone app that can completely cover all the hunter's reporting obligations. If not using the smartphone app, hunters can report their harvests at https://www.mdwfp.com or by calling 1-800-BE-SMART.

Game Agency Website:
Agency Contact Number: (573) 751-4115
Current Population Estimate: 360,000 birds
2018 Harvest Data: 35,805 birds (spring harvest total) 
Season Dates: Youth Season - April 6-7; Regular season - April 15-May 5
Bag Limit: Two male turkeys or turkeys with a visible beard, only one of which hunters can harvest the first week. Only one bird during the youth season.
Public Land Progress: The Missouri Department of Conservation actively manages wildlife habitat on Conservation Areas located throughout the state. In addition to MDC’s Conservation Areas, Missouri turkey hunters are fortunate to have access to many other public lands. Through cooperative positions and grants awarded through the State Super Fund, the NWTF has contributed to wildlife habitat management on Missouri public lands managed by the MDC, USDA Forest Service, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Missouri Prairie Foundation and some state parks. The MDC is conducting management practices on public lands in Missouri to benefit wild turkeys. These practices include, but are not limited to, eradication of invasive species, native warm season grass restoration, thinning of forests and woodlands and use of prescribed fire.

Game Agency Website:
Agency Contact Number: (406) 444-2535
Current Population Estimate: Not provided
Season Dates: Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks has not finalized season dates, but they are projected for April 13-May 19
Bag Limit: Varies by region (check regulations)
Public Land Progress: NWTF has been working with the USDA Forest Service and MFWP partners to improve Merriam’s wild turkey habitat on national forest lands in and around the Bitterroot Valley, including the Lolo National Forest. Forest thinning, meadow enhancements and prescribed burning on forest service lands have improved foraging and nesting habitat.

Game Agency Website:
Agency Contact Number: (402) 471-0641
Current Population Estimate: Not provided
2018 Harvest Data: 30,062 permits issued, 17,731 birds harvested; 61.3 percent hunting success rate
Season Dates: Archery - March 25 to May 31; Youth - April 6 to May 31; Shotgun - April 13 to May 31
Bag Limit: Nebraska Game and Parks allows hunters to purchase up to three permits in the spring, and each allow for the harvest of one male or female bearded turkey.
Public Land Progress: There have been several projects recently on Ponderosa Wildlife Management Area in Nebraska's Pine Ridge to benefit Merriam's subspecies. There have been several timber-thinning projects, as well as a warm season grass planting and renovation.

Game Agency Website:
Agency Contact Number: (775) 688-1500
Current Population Estimate: Not provided
2018 Harvest Data: Not provided
Season Dates: Varies (check regulations)
Bag Limit: One bearded turkey
Public Land Progress: The NWTF, in conjunction with the Nevada Department of Wildlife, funded the purchase of a 500-gallon wildlife guzzler for arid summer and fall months for Rio Grande wild turkeys and other wildlife in the Mason Valley Wildlife Management Area.

Game Agency Website:
Agency Contact Number: (603) 271-3421
Current Population Estimate: 40,000 birds
2018 Harvest Data: May 2018 - 4,203 birds; fall 2018 - 1,223 birds (estimated)
Season Dates: Youth Hunt - April 27-28; General season - May 1-31
Bag Limit: May 2019 season will allow a second gobbler in one of the state’s wildlife management units H1, H2, J2, K, L or M.
Public Land Progress: Not provided
Special Notes: Semi-drought conditions for early summer 2018 were a major factor for good numbers of turkey broods and survival of poults. A record fall 2018 harvest was the result.

Game Agency Website: 
Agency Contact Number: (908) 735-8793
Current Population Estimate: 20,000 – 25, 000 birds
2018 Harvest Data: 2,875 birds
Season Dates: Youth Day - April 20. Regular Season - April 22-May 24, segmented season
Bag Limit: The bag limit is one male turkey per permit, but the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife allows hunters to take only one bird in a given day, regardless of the number of permits a hunter holds.
Public Land Progress: Not provided

Game Agency Website:
Agency Contact Number:  (888) 248-6866 
Current Population Estimate: 25,000 – 30,000 birds
2018 Harvest Data: Not provided
Season Dates: April 15-May 10
Bag Limit: Two bearded turkeys
Public Land Progress: The NWTF is involved in significant habitat work in the Zuni Mountains. The project includes forest thinning, which helps improve habitat for the Merriam's species where tree densities have become too dense.

Game Agency Website:
Agency Contact Number: (518) 402-8886
Current Population Estimate: Not provided
2018 Harvest Data: 19,100
Season Dates: Youth season - April 21-22; General season - May 1-31
Bag Limit: Two bearded turkeys, only one per day. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation allows youth only one bearded turkey during youth season.
Public Land Progress: Not provided

Game Agency Website: 
Agency Contact Number: (919) 707-0010
Current Population Estimate: 265,000 birds (2015)
2018 Harvest Data: 17,408 birds
Season Dates: Youth season - April 6-12; General season - April 13-May 11
Bag Limit: Two bearded turkeys. The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission allows youth to kill only one during youth season.
Public Land Progress: Numerous habitat improvement projects including grinding, food plots and prescribed burning in western North Carolina in the Nantahala and Pisgah National Forests. Sandhills Game Land, located across Hoke, Moore, Richmond and Scotland counties. The NWTF is on the second year of a collaborative prescribed fire partnership with the NCWRC and The Nature Conservancy. This partnership helps manage the tens of thousands of acres of longleaf pine habitat on the Sandhills Game Land. Prescribed fire is essential for maintaining the diverse forb and grass longleaf pine understory where turkeys thrive. Hunters can target Eastern wild turkeys on the game land.

Game Agency Website:
Agency Contact Number: (701) 328-6300
Current Population Estimate: Not provided
2018 Harvest Data: 1,797 birds
Season Dates: April 13-May 19
Bag Limit: One bearded wild turkey
Public Land Progress: Killdeer Wildlife Management Area

Game Agency Website:
Agency Contact Number: (800) 495-3543
Current Population Estimate: 200,000
2018 Harvest Data: 22,612
Season Dates: Youth season - April 13-14; General season, South Zone - April 22-May 19; General season, Northeast Zone - April 29-May 26
Bag Limit: Two bearded turkeys per season; no more than one per day
Public Land Progress: In partnership with the NWTF, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources completed a detailed forest inventory and analysis of forest stands on multiple state wildlife areas in southeast Ohio. The resulting forest management actions continue to benefit wild turkeys and hunters alike. For example, prescribed burns promoting oak regeneration on the Waterloo Wildlife Area in Athens County have also created popular spring hunting locations.

Game Agency Website:
Agency Contact Number: (405) 521-2730
Season Dates: Season dates vary. April 6-May 6 (April 22- May 6 in some southeast counties). Check regulations at https://www.wildlifedepartment.com/hunting/seasons.
Bag Limit: Statewide bag limit is three. County limits vary, so check regulations at https://www.wildlifedepartment.com/sites/default/files/18OKAB-Hunting-PP4-RE_0.pdf.
Public Land Progress: The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation is doing NWTF-funded work on several wildlife management areas, including Black Kettle, Packsaddle and Ellis County Wildlife Management Areas where roost sites were overgrown with eastern red cedars and other brushy woody species. Crews used large grinding equipment to restore cottonwood roost sites on these areas.

Game Agency Website:
Agency Contact Number: (509) 947-6000
Current Population Estimate: 40,000 – 45,000 birds
2018 Harvest Data: 4,797 birds in spring 2017
Season Dates: April 15-May 31
Bag Limit: Three gobblers or turkeys with visible beards
Public Land Progress: The NWTF helps support the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Access & Habitat Program through the auction of statewide big game tags. Hunters can find private properties enrolled in the program at myodfw.com/articles/hunting-private-lands-access-habitat-program.

Game Agency Website:
Agency Contact Number: (717) 787-4250
2018 Harvest Data: 40,303
Season Dates: Youth season - April 20; General season - April 27-May 31
Bag Limit: One with a general license, two with the purchase of a special turkey license that hunters must purchase prior to April 27. Limit one per day. No Sunday hunting.
Public Land Progress: The Pennsylvania Game Commission has implemented nearly 1,400 acres of prescribed fire on State Game Lands 36 in Bradford County in northeast Pennsylvania since 2017. SGL 36 is largely an oak dominated forest, but fire intolerant competition has encroached at all stages of succession. In 2018, NWTF implemented 25,000 linear feet of fire line around 530 acres on SGL 36. Post-burn monitoring reports show a reduction of competing birch, beech and mountain laurel stems. The resulting conditions are providing great habitat for wild turkeys and restoration of a degrading oak ecosystem.

Game Agency Website:
Agency Contact Number: (401) 789-0281
Current population Estimate: 5,000 birds
2018 Spring Harvest Data: 191 birds in spring 2018, one bird in the fall 2017 archery-only season
Season Dates: Youth ages 12-15 and paraplegic hunters - April 20-21; Regular season - April 25-May 19
Bag Limit: Two bearded birds; hunters may only take one on state land
Public Land Progress: The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management has not carried out NWTF projects in Rhode Island for a considerable amount of time. However, Arcadia Management Area in the southwestern part of the state provides excellent habitat and turkey hunting opportunity. This management area spans thousands of acres across four towns where hunters can find the Eastern wild turkey. Previous work has focused on crab-apple tree plantings.

Game Agency Website: 
Agency Contact Number: (803) 734-3886
Population Estimate: 120,000 birds
2018 Harvest Data: 17,939 birds
Season Dates: Private land March 20-May 5. Public (Wildlife Management Area) land April 1-May 5    
Bag Limit: Three gobblers; no more than two per day. Some WMAs are more restrictive, so check regulations at http://www.dnr.sc.gov/regs/hunting/index.html.
Public Land Progress: Annual cooperative efforts between the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, the USDA Forest Service and NWTF South Carolina include construction of wildlife openings, planting food plots and prescribed burning in the Sumter National Forest benefiting the Eastern wild turkey.

Game Agency Website: 
Agency Contact Number: (605) 223-7660
Current Population Estimate: Not provided
2018 Harvest Data: 5,197 birds
Season Dates: Archery - April 7-May 31; Shotgun - April 14-May 31
Bag Limit: One bird; varies by unit, check regulations
Public Land Progress: Statewide with habitat improvements and walk-in program
Special Notes: Major Regulation Change for 2019 - Spring hunting is only open to shotgun or archery statewide. South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks has banned rifles (rimfire, centerfire and muzzleloading) for spring turkey hunting in South Dakota.

Game Agency Website:
Agency Contact Number: (615) 781-6610
Current Population Estimate: 250,000 birds
2018 Harvest Data: 28,267 birds
Season Dates: Youth – March 23-24; Regular season - March 30-May 12
Bag Limit: One bearded turkey per day, not to exceed four per season
Public Land Progress: Bridgestone Firestone Wildlife Management Area - native warm season and invasive grass management.

Game Agency Website:
Agency Contact Number: (512) 389-4800 or (800) 792-1112
Current Population Estimate: 500,000
2018 Harvest Data: 22,662
Season Dates: Season dates vary by county. Check local regulations for the county you plan to hunt at https://tpwd.texas.gov/regulations/outdoor-annual/regs/animal_listing.
South Zone: March 17-April 29
North Zone:  March 31-May 13
Rio Grande 1 - Gobbler Zone: April 1-30
Eastern 1 - Gobbler Zone: April 15 to May 14
Bag Limit: Four turkeys, but no more than one Eastern wild turkey
Public Land Progress: James E. Daughtrey Wildlife Management Area - Tilden, Texas, Rio Grande Wild Turkey, brush management to increase brood habitat and useable space
Special Note: Most wild turkeys are located on private lands in Texas. There are a number of outfitters and private landowners who provide hunting opportunities across Texas

Game Agency Website:
Agency Contact Number: (801) 538-4700
Current Population Estimate: 25,000 – 35,000 birds
2018 Harvest Data: 3,300 birds
Season Dates: April 13-May 31
Bag Limit: One bearded turkey
Public Land Progress: South-central Utah, forest stewardship work for Merriam's wild turkeys

Game Agency Website:
Agency Contact Number: (802) 828-1000
Current Population Estimate: 45,000-60,000 birds
2018 Harvest Data: 5,898 spring harvest; includes 525 birds harvested during youth weekend
Season Dates: Youth season - April 27-28; General season - May 1-31
Bag Limit: Two bearded turkeys
Public Land Progress: Windsor Grasslands Wildlife Management Area, located in Windsor, is a recently designated WMA. It is comprised of 826 acres and contains a mix of forests and fields utilized by turkeys. Past NWTF efforts on this parcel include food plot, apple tree pruning and shrub plantings by volunteers.

Game Agency Website:
Agency Contact Number: (804) 367-1000
Current Population Estimate: 150,000 – 175,000
2018 Harvest Data: 16,186
Season Dates: April 13-May 18
Bag Limit: Three bearded turkeys per license year, (includes fall and spring seasons combined)
Public Land Progress: Hunters can find more information here: https://www.dgif.virginia.gov/wma/
Special Notes: Reproduction has been below-average since 2013; 2018 was a record low. As a result, spring harvests have been trending downward.

Game Agency Website:
Agency Contact Number: (360) 902-2200
Current Population Estimate: Not provided
2018 Harvest Data: 2018 harvest data won't be available until spring 2019. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife estimated the spring 2017 harvest at 4,814 turkeys statewide. For more information see https://wdfw.wa.gov/hunting/harvest/2017/turkey_general.php.
Season Dates: Youth season - April 6-7; General season - April 15-May 31. Spring seasons are for gobblers (males) and turkeys with visible beards only.
Bag Limit: The combined spring/youth season limit is three birds. Hunters may kill only two turkeys in eastern Washington. However, they may kill only one in Chelan, Kittitas or Yakima counties. Hunters may kill one turkey per year in western Washington outside of Klickitat County. Hunters may kill two turkeys in Klickitat County.
Public Land Progress: Not provided

Game Agency Website:
Agency Contact Number: (304) 558-2771
Current Population Estimate: 122,740 birds
2018 Harvest Data: 12,274 birds (spring); 1,215 birds (fall)
Season Dates: April 15-May 11
Bag Limit: Two bearded birds
Public Land Progress: The West Virginia Department of Natural Resources, in cooperation with the West Virginia Division of Forestry, has been working on timbering projects on Coopers Rock State Forest. WVDNR developed oak savanna on each of the two project sites, with NWTF providing both technical and financial support. In addition, they created a parking area to give users more access to the forest. This project should benefit the Eastern wild turkey along with those who pursue them.

Game Agency Website:
Agency Contact Number: (888) 936-7463
Current Population Estimate: The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources does not estimate the turkey population in the state. The population is monitored based on indices, such as data collected from harvest registration. The population indices suggest a stable population of turkeys statewide.
2018 Harvest Data: 38,885 birds                            
Season Dates: Zones 1-7, Period A - April 17-23; Period B - April 24-30; Period C - May 1-7; Period D -May 8-14; Period E - May 15-21; Period F - May 22-28
Bag Limit: One bearded or male turkey per harvest authorization.
Public Land Progress: The Turkey Hunter Access Program is a program that provides financial incentives to private landowners who allow public access on their property for the spring turkey season. In 2018, the Wisconsin DNR, with the help of NWTF, was able to expand this program to cover two-thirds of the state where public land is limited. For more information on the program, visit https://dnr.wi.gov/topic/lands/thap.

Game Agency Website:
Agency Contact Number: (307) 777-4600
Current Population Estimate: Not provided
2018 Harvest Data: 2,584 birds
Season Dates: Varies by hunt area, consult regulations - April 1-May 20 or April 13-May 20
Bag Limit: One male or bearded wild turkey per license
Public Land Progress: Forest stand improvement, protection and enhancement of riparian areas and winter food sources in the Black Hills National Forest for Merriam’s wild turkey
Special Note: Hunters may only apply for and receive one license until the Wyoming Game and Fish Department conducts the license draw. After the license draw, hunters may possess up to three licenses, only one of which may be a General License. General Licenses are available over the counter. Most all multiple license opportunity is on private land.

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