2020 SHOT Show Products - Turkey Guns and Ammo

The 2020 SHOT Show is filled with countless new items for recreational shooters and avid outdoorsmen and women, but we did our best to try to narrow down some of the items we found to things that are applicable to you, the turkey hunter.

Retay Masai Mara 20 gauge
Retay Arms unveiled the latest incarnation of its Masai Mara shotgun line at the 2020 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. The all new Masai Mara 20 gauge is a scaled down clone of the of its 12 gauge siblings. Initially available in both walnut and synthetic models, including SP waterfowl configurations, a 20-gauge version of the popular Turkey XT configuration and a youth configuration will soon be available. All Masai Mara’s will feature Retay’s patented Inertia Plus floating bolt system. The 20 gauge includes a one-button quick removable trigger group, easy unload system and removable ejector, and comes in Mossy Oak Bottomland. The Masai Mara 20-gauge models range from $1,099 to $1,299 based on options.

Retay Gordion 12 Gauge
Retay Arms released the all new Gordion series of semi-automatic shotguns in 2019, including a turkey model. The Gordion weighs under 7 pounds and chambers 12 gauge 2¾- to 3-inch shells. Like other Retay shotguns, the Gordion uses an inertia-powered action, featuring Retay’s patented Inertia Plus floating bolt system. The Inertia Plus System effectively eliminates misfires that have plagued inertia shotguns until now. The system uses an active torsion mechanism inside the bolt carrier body to apply added rotational force to the bolt head, forcing the bolt head to lock into the breach. Even when you jar the firearm or accidentally snag the bolt on a branch while in the field, the Inertia Plus System corrects itself, automatically returning the bolt to full lock up with the battery. It features a proprietary design that allows for the magazine tube to be emptied without the need to rack the action of the shotgun to eject shells – Retay’s Easy Unload system. The Gordion Turkey model is available in Mossy Oak New Bottomland or Realtree Timber with an MSRP of $925.

Mossberg SA-410 Turkey
The use of .410 shotguns by turkey hunters exploded following the launch of the wildly successfull TSS loads. Mossberg's new semi-auto .410 is designed with this growing turkey hunting segment specifically in mind. This new offering from Mossberg comes finished in Mossy Oak Bottomland camo, and features both a fiber optic sight on the front of the barrel and a vent-rib mounted, adjustable, rear ghost ring sight. In addition, the .410 includes an XX-Full Ext Trk Choke and the receiver comes mounted with a rail system for easily mounting optics. MSRP for this gun is $735.00.

Savage Arms introduced its first semi-automatic shotgun: the RENEGAUGE. The new American-made semi-auto 12-gauge shotguns are built for field use, offer hunters and competitors a do-it-all gun for loads of any size. The patented Dual Regulating Inline Valve (D.R.I.V.) gas system regulates the gas that cycles the shotgun’s action. Both low-brass target shells and magnum hunting shells will cycle the action with the same reliability. Avid wing shooters will love the way it swings, competitors will find it at home on the range and hunters will trust it in the nastiest of conditions. With comb height to length of pull adjustability, RENEGAUGE is made to fit every shooter. Available in black synthetic, waterfowl and turkey models. The turkey version comes with a 24-inch barrel, Mossy Oak Bottomland camo and carries an MSRP of $1,549.

EAA (European American Armory) Corp. MC 312 Gobbler
This is a new entry in the turkey shotgun market. EAA, a distributor of Girsan firearms, showcased the MC312 Gobbler, a 12-gauge inertia-driven, semi-automatic shotgun. The Gobbler is turkey-hunt ready, with features like a Cerakote finish and 24-inch turkey rib. The Picatinny rail is machined into the receiver with a field-tested fiber optic front sight. Choose between a straight or pistol grip stock in black or camo finish. This was one of the few dedicated turkey guns at Shot Show’s Industry Day at the Range. The gun weighed in at 7 pounds but felt lighter. Shooting 3-inch loads, the recoil was noticeable but manageable – 3½-inch loads would be much less enjoyable. You’ll need a good recoil pad and a strutting turkey to take your mind off of the punch. But at under $600, it’s a quality new introduction in the turkey hunting market.

Federal 3RD Degree MeatEater
Federal has partnered with conservationist, chef, author and hunter Steven Rinella, producer of the “MeatEater” series, to refresh its popular 3RD Degree TSS shotshells. 3RD Degree MeatEater TSS offers the same performance with a blend of No. 5 copper-plated lead, No. 6 Flitestopper lead and No. 7 Heavyweight TSS, but now with Rinella’s stamp of approval. Plus, each box of ammo features one of the MeatEater’s favorite wild turkey recipes.

Remington Premier TSS
Remington enters the tungsten super shot market with Premier TSS, combining the highest density shot available with the Remington brand. New for spring 2020, Premier TSS offers six loads for 12 gauge and softer recoil 20 gauges and .410 bore shotguns. All loads are 3-inch, and the 12 gauge comes in No. 7, 8 and 9 shot sizes. Just compare pellet count from previous lead loads and the difference is clear: lead 1¾-ounce No. 5s (305 pellets), TSS 1¾-ounce No. 9s (627 pellets). A box of five shells will run you about $40.

HEVI-18 TSS Turkey
Tungsten weighs about 19 grams per cubic centimeter (g/cc), while lead weighs 11 g/cc. HEVI-Shot’s HEVI-18 TSS Turkey loads boast 18 g/cc pellets for high pellet counts and long-range lethality. These heavy loads eliminate the flop. Unlike most TSS loads, the HEVI-18 is available in No. 6 shot for higher confidence on longer shots. It also comes in No. 7 and 9 shot for 12 and 20 gauges, and .410 bore. The 12 gauge is available in a mammoth 3½-inch, 2¼-ounce load of No. 9s. Higher pellet counts, of course, mean higher pricing: a box of five shells is north of $52.

Stay tuned as we try to find more items that will enhance your outdoor lifestyle or things that we simply just find to be cool.

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