NWTF 2022 Summer Gear Guide

While we have to wait nearly another year for the spring turkey woods, the summer offers many outdoor opportunities to keep us busy until the gobbles begin again. Whether you’ll be on the beach, in the boat, prepping for the hunting seasons ahead or anywhere outdoors, our 2022 Summer Gear Guide has something for everybody. 

Summer Adventure 

White Duck 7x9 Proto Canvas Cabin Tent 

White Duck has a great lineup of products that are innovative and made to last, and their 7x9 Proto Canvas Tent is no different. 

The sunblock heat-resistant canvas roof blocks the sunlight and regulates inside temperature in the warm weather, making it the perfect summer adventure tent. 

Its speedy setup, durable construction and ample room makes this the perfect one- to three-person tent for wherever your summer adventures may take you.

MSRP $669.99

Sawyer Squeeze Water Filtration System 

Whether you’ll be in the mountains or on the lake, this lightweight and portable water filtration system is a smart and easy-to-use backpack staple for the summer heat. Use the packable pouches that come with the filter or simply screw on to your water bottle. 

MSRP $29.97

Camp Chef Teton 2X 

Just because you’re not in the kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t cook like a chef. With its two 10,000-BTU burners, Camp Chef’s Teton 2x is as powerful as it is portable. Simply pop open, screw on the fuel tank and steam crabs, grill burgers, fry fish or whatever awaits your camp kitchen this summer. 

MSRP $159.99

Bass Pro Shops Backpacker First Aid Kit 

You never realize you need a first aid kit until you need one. Stay prepared this summer by bringing Bass Pro Shops’ Backpacker First Aid Kit. This portable bag comes with the essentials for treating common hunting, fishing, camping and hiking related injuries. 

MSRP $26.99

Maven B1.2

Maven is increasingly making a name for itself as a leader in optics. In fact, the Maven B1.2 recently received Outdoor Life’s 2022 best overall binocular for hunting, and rightfully so. This compact, durable pair of binoculars presents a crisp image quality with a wide field of view, making it an excellent choice, whether you’re deer hunting this fall or looking for a great pair of binos for the spring woods. 

MSRP $950

Alps OutdoorZ Nimble Insulated Sleeping Pad 

Using just any old sleeping bag won’t cut it. The Alps Nimble Insulated Sleeping Pad is packable, comfortable and is the perfect companion to any summer adventure sleeping situation. 

MSRP $99.00

Backyard Vibes 

Big Frig 70-Quart Badlands Cooler 

With rugged, oversized wheels, Big Frig’s 70-quart Badlands Cooler is as ready to roll afield as it is to the neighborhood block party. If you’re in the market for a solid cooler with proven performance, the Badlands cooler is a great and versatile choice.

MSRP 499.99 

Jim Miller’s “Path to Enlightened Turkey Hunting”  

Just because turkey season is over, doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy the passion.  James “Jim” Miller was an authentic authority when it came to turkey hunting and wildlife conservation. His knowledge was immense. His revered stories and thoughts on hunting and the friendships built in the outdoors are surely worth the read.

MSRP 24.95

Thermacell E90 Rechargeable Mosquito Repeller 

Hours of mess-free and scent-free mosquito defense? Yes, please. As turkey hunters, we know the difference a Thermacell makes in the vest, but the rechargeable version is a must-have for cool summer nights outside. With a 20-foot protection zone and nine-hour battery life, buying one doesn’t take much thought. 

MSRP $49.99

NWTF Bottomland Cooler

NWTF’s new cooler in Mossy Oak Bottomland is sure to be your go-to, grab-and-go cooler. With a side pocket and plenty of room for ice, drinks and snacks, this membership exclusive is the perfect way to show your support of conservation. 

Join or Renew with the NWTF for $35 and receive the cooler for free.  

Meater Plus

Cooking a with a Meater thermometer will revolutionize summer backyard cooking. Overdone burgers (aka hockey pucks) and dry poultry will be mishaps of the past. Whether you’re grilling, smoking or roasting, the Meater thermometer will help you make the most of your favorite summer dishes. 

MSRP $99.97


Show your love of conservation while at the backyard barbeque. This five-piece set made of bamboo and stainless steel includes a serrated-edge spatula with bottle opener, BBQ fork, tongs, knife and a basting brush.

MSRP $89.99

Next Season Prep 

Maven RF.1 Rangefinder 

Whether you’re on the golf course this summer, in the tree stand this fall, or in the turkey woods this spring, Maven’s RF.1 Range Finder has you covered. This rangefinder is powered by technology specifically designed for precise, pinpoint accuracy required for confident ranging. With its 5- to 4,500-yard ranging effectiveness, line of sight/angle compensation and obstruction filter functionality, Maven’s RF.1 is ideal for nearly all hunting scenarios.

MSRP $450

Federal Heavyweight TSS 

With the crazy fluctuation of ammunition availability, it’s never too early to stock up for the spring, and what better load to use this spring than Federal’s Heavyweight TSS? With the highest pellet count possible, these loads provide the most lethality at long range.

Starting at $48.99

Phelps Hunter’s Select Three-Pack Mouth Call 

This set of three includes Phelps’ most popular turkey calls, including Rippin’ Red, Casper and Trippin’ Hen. These diaphragm calls will have you covered for any situation this coming spring.

MSRP $34.99

Barnett Hyper XP 405

If you’re in the market for a new crossbow, Barnett’s Hyper XP 405 combines all the latest and greatest tech into one feature-packed crossbow. With its lightweight and 405 feet-per-second capabilities, this thing is ready for the woods, fall or spring. 

MSRP $599.99

Pro Tracker Recovery System 

Being unable to find a fatally shot game animal happens, but it’s a terrible feeling, and this system feels like a good investment. The radio transmitter rests in a carrier on the shaft of your arrow and deploys when the broadhead strikes animal hide. While your arrow continues to penetrate, the radio transmitter remains in the hide, allowing you to track the animal with an included receiver. The transmitter has a battery life of 18 to 20 hours and a range up to 2 miles. It adds minimal weight to your arrow setup and Pro-Tracker representatives say it flies true to a field point inside about 30 yards. Longer shots will likely require some pin adjustment. 

MSRP $550

J.P. Sauer SL5 Turkey Shotgun

The SL5 12-gauge turkey gun features an 18½-inch barrel, a removable Picatinny rail for optics, pistol-grip stock and oversized, extended bolt handle and action release for improved functionality in the turkey woods. It’s inertia-driven and only takes 2¾- and 3-inch loads, but you likely wouldn’t want to shoot a 3½-inch turkey load out of a short-barrel, inertia gun with regularity. The shotgun looks the part in Mossy Oak Obsession, Bottomland or New Bottomland, and an extra sling attachment on the stock side is a unique addition. It runs north of $1,000 but should serve as a reliable turkey gun for years to come.

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Meat Your Maker 500W Grinder 

Considering processing your own game in the seasons ahead? Look no further than Meat Your Maker’s entry-level grinder, which, despite its size, packs a punch, grinding about 4 pounds of meat per minute. With a reasonable price tag and compact size, this is an easy choice. 

MSRP 119.99

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