5 people who may be ready to hunt

Who in your friends’ list is ready to learn to hunt? There may be more than you think

Hunters usually have friends who are hunters. It is always a great feeling to have friends who share in the same passions. Sharing the bond that comes with learning to hunt or sharing the hunting experience is truly special to most hunters. But, almost every hunter has friends who do not hunt. A small percentage may be opposed to hunting, but it is more likely there were never given the opportunity.

Friends who enjoy the outdoors

If you have friends who are always outdoors hiking, camping, etc., you can bet they’d like to shoot or hunt. They are probably just waiting on the invite from you. Look for those friends who never post hunting photos on social media but consistently like your hunting-related pictures or stories. After a trip to the range, they will quickly find out they love the hunting woods.

Friends who feed their family organic food/master home chef

These friends may be just one step away from enjoying hunting as much as you. They may just need an invitation to learn to shoot and hunt. Do you have a friend who is always turning out scrumptious looking dishes? Are they concerned about where the food they prepare comes from? Present them with a true challenge: Go grocery shopping in the woods and then cook up the ultimate free-range, organic meat. A simple conversation along with an invitation can let them know you are ready to help them take the next step.

The outdoor warrior

How about that weekend warrior friend? They understand nature and have a great appreciation for those special places they have found. They even may go shooting on occasion. Maybe they are ready for the challenge that is hunting. Find the time to make the introduction. You may even find a new hunting partner who can give you a run for your money on the stalking trail.


Maybe you have a friend who is a member of our nation’s military. Military experience means they are more likely to be familiar with firearms and they may already have a love for outdoor adventure. Many members of the military have already walked a mile (or many) through rough terrain so they are not likely to shy away from difficult travels before and on hunts. These qualities certainly give them a head start to the hunting challenge but their familiarity with many safety precautions puts them at the head of the learning class as well.     

The college student

So you are off to college and have a new set of friends, maybe for the first time in your life. Who among these peers is ready to share your passion? Maybe more than you think. Studies from universities across the country are showing that many college students, who did not grow up hunting, are ready to tackle learning to hunt in increasing numbers. They may just need an invitation to a learn-to-hunt course from you.

Learning to hunt has no age limit. You may find a new hunter in your college roommate or your retired neighbor. Next time you post your latest tag on social media, watch not only how many likes it gets, but watch who is actually liking your photos. You may find your next hunting adventure in your stats.

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